By Lynda Hirsch

July 20, 2019 4 min read

He's back. From "Guiding Light" to "Sunset Beach" to "All My Children" to "Young and Restless" to "One Life to Live" to "Days of Our Lives," Vincent Irizarry has covered the daytime waterfront. "Bold and Beautiful" put out its casting net and dragged him in. The daytime Emmy award-winning actor washes ashore in mid-August. He is set to play a doctor involved in the Liam, Hope, Flo baby drama. While it is a short-term story arc, Irizarry loves many things — two of which are working and working on soaps. No matter what he is given to do, he does it with panache. "Days" hooked him with an awful role, but he did great work. So, if "Bold and Beautiful" plays it right, the show can have a new middle-aged heartthrob. As for storyline arcs, "Bold and Beautiful" does not need stunt casting. Wayne Brady, Denise Richards, the shorty shrift they gave Ingo Rademacher were not the fault of acting but more about "What do we do now?" That is a failed strategy. To get to where you're going, you have to have a map. If not, you wind up in the desert searching for a shoreline.

To cast or not to recast — that is always the soap producer question. Stars' deciding to leave, behind the scenes issues, not cutting it with the fans — there are many reasons that stars need to be replaced. Some stars cannot and should not be replaced. Prime example: Susan Lucci. She is Erica Kane, end of story. Luckily, Lucci loved the role. She said it was like playing Scarlett O'Hara every day and the audience and critics loved her. When Karen came on "One Life to Live," she was a tiny girl. Judith Light took over. At the time, the zaftig hooker became everyone's favorite actor. She has gone on to prime-time and movie fame. As Karen, she was amazing. Sadly, no one even recalls who she replaced. "Guiding Light" decided to replace Michael Zaslow for a few reasons: He decides to leave, and then he became ill. The recast never jelled. Roger became a plastic supervillain instead of the evil-doer charmer. Robin Strasser was the original Rachel on "Another World" and replaced by Victoria Wyndham, who owned the role. She became Dorian on "One Life to Live." She replaced Nancy Pinkerton. Very soon, Strasser will be replacing Louise Sorel on "Days of Our Lives" as villainess Vivian. When an actor is off the canvas for any reason, often the character has to go silent. That has been the case for Dante on "General Hospital." There are rumors that Dom Zamprogna, who decided not to renew his contract, will return. Hopefully, he does. There are rumors swirling that the actor will be back, as Lulu has been given very little to do. She is Laura and Luke's daughter! She needs a storyline — not just as an intrepid girl reporter but as a woman with a rich and troubled personal life. Brandon Barash works as Stefan on "Days." It would be great who Tyler Christopher who he replaced would return as Nikolas on "General Hospital."

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