By Lynda Hirsch

June 27, 2020 3 min read

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Ciara considers letting Claire be her maid of honor, as she knows it would mean a lot to her brother, Shawn. In front of people, Claire acts as if her mental issues are gone. Alone, she stares at Ben and Ciara's wedding invitation and gets a demented look on her face. Ben walks in as Jake and Gwen are getting hot and heavy. Patch is furious when he realizes Jack told Jennifer that Steve still loves Kayla. When Jack tries to get Steve to tell Kayla how he feels, Steve tells his brother to get lost. When Victor recants his story of Kristen stabbing him, Eli does not buy it. He warns Victor that the police will investigate, Brady will be arrested and Victor will be charged with perjury. Running into Xander, Sarah thanks him for getting a headstone for Mickey. When it appears Sarah is going to move out of the mansion, Xander tells her he will leave her alone and that she and Maggie need each other. Finding her wedding dress in her closet, Sarah recalls the love she and Xander shared. Xander is pleased when Sarah says she and Brady never made love. Lucas is stunned when Ali decides to give her baby up for adoption. He is further stunned when Will and Sonny would like to adopt her. Ali thinks Rafe would be perfect to raise her baby. Lucas thinks Will and Sonny are a great choice. Knowing Sami will create havoc, Lucas does not call her. Ali refuses to name the father. After sex, Gwen gives Jake the book that will placate the mob. Later, when Gwen wants to have an encore, he pushes her away. Gabi waits for the verdict in her trial for drugging Abby — which she swears she did not do. Seeing how much it means to Ciara for Claire to be her maid of honor, Ben tells Claire he does not trust Ciara. Lani and Eli prepare for their wedding day. Lani is thrilled when Kristen shows up at her door. Kayla is moved when Steve calls her sweetness. Sarah is outraged when Xander suggests she adopt Ali's baby. Xander retorts he loved Mickey; he was her dad. Sarah tells Xander she taking up on his offer to move out of the mansion.


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Photo credit: ptksgc at Pixabay

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