By Lynda Hirsch

June 8, 2019 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Xander is horrified to learn that Beth is alive and Zoe and Flo have been keeping this secret instead of doing the right thing and reuniting Hope and Beth. Thomas encourages Steffy to figure out what she wants, which prompts her to remember all of the meaningful times she shared with Liam. Flo feels responsible when she learns that Hope and Liam are dissolving their marriage. Steffy overhears a conversation between Liam and Ridge where Liam tells her father how wonderful he thinks Steffy is. Ridge plays devil's advocate with Brooke. Flo begs Hope to take Liam back, without telling her why. Carter and Hope meet to discuss the annulment. Zoe begins to feel uneasy as she realizes that Xander knows all about Flo and Beth and he might not have any trouble revealing the secret to the Logan family or the authorities. Wyatt proves he is there for Liam during difficult times. Xander orders Flo to do the right thing. Carter brings the annulment papers to Liam. Liam calls Thomas out on his self-serving manipulation. Hope expresses her love to Liam but urges them to sign the papers. Hope and Liam are surprised when Xander barges in and tells them he needs to speak to them before they end their marriage. Zoe and Flo quarrel about their predicament.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Phyllis and Sharon have a heated argument about their past. After her run-in with Phyllis, Sharon vents to Rey about her distrust of Phyllis, and Rey grows frustrated with her constant defense of Adam. However, when Nick arrives to tell them about Adam's latest plot, she's forced to admit that he's returned to his darker tendencies. Adam's crushed when he learns Chelsea has remarried and wants nothing to do with him. Buying up Dark Horse debt, Adam tells Nick he can choose between the company and the toddler; Nick chooses the toddler. Crashing Victoria and Billy's recommitment ceremony, Adam is tossed out. Adam visits Sharon to apologize for his actions. Rey catches the couple in a comforting embrace, which only confirms his suspicions. Unable to handle Sharon's attachment to Adam, Rey storms out. Excited about their new engagement, Kyle decides to ask Rey for his blessing. Lola is initially nervous, but Kyle wins her over with his earnestness. Jack and Traci try to help Dina adjust to life in the nursing home, with Jack making more time to spend with his mother and Traci sharing her new novel with her. Despite her fading memory, Dina is comforted by their efforts. Devon and Elena continue to grow closer as they send Jett off on tour. Elena offers to find a place of her own, but Devon asks her to stay, making it clear that he has strong feelings for her. Wanting to move forward with Elena, Devon decides to make a big romantic gesture by paying off Elena's student loans. Meanwhile, Victor takes up a lawsuit against the Genoa City Police Department, which enrages Christine. Later, Victor tells Adam that he's the only one he can trust to run his company. Adam refuses, telling Victor that he'd rather make his own path and suggesting that he give Victoria a chance instead. Phyllis comes face to face with the not-so-dead Chloe. Kevin seeks revenge for Delia's death.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Kristen is furious when Brady backs away from her kiss. Kristen promises she will destroy Eric to get what she wants — Brady. Rex and Sarah cannot find a cure for Will. With days to live, Will asks Sonny to help him write one last article for the Spectator. Ciara refuses to believe Ben's contention that Claire set the fire. Jack agrees to let Jennifer out of jail when JJ agrees to return to Salem. Tripp and Haley continue on the run. Tracking down the duo, Claire sets fire to wood outside the cabin. Marlena contacts Sami about Will's condition. During an argument with Julie, Jack says, "You are still the same unrelenting cow you always were." With Rafe's arm out of the sling, he tells her he does not need her to nurse him but to watch David. Unable to deal with Lani's inability to spend time away from baby David, Eli ends their relationship. Gabi realizes her plan to destroy Stefan is working when he admits he cares for her. Xander comes home just as Maggie is about to take another drink. He stops her and gets her water, ice cream and someone to talk to. He reveals his mother's continual drunken stupors ruined his childhood. The duo bond over losing their parents when they were young.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Ryan refuses to donate his kidney to Jordan. When Stella gives him a fear of God and hell talking-to, Ryan agrees to the donation. Following the surgery, Ryan lapses into a coma and is taken to Pentonville. Jordan's surgery is successful. When Jax gives her three months to turn around Crimson, Nina asks Valentin to postpone the wedding. He agrees to wait until September. Cam brushes off Franco when he tries to comfort him over Oscar's death. As they prepare to spread Oscar's ashes, Drew promises a still devastated Kim that he is there for her. Getting ahold of Wiley's birth certificate, Julian gets kudos from Sam, Jason and Willow. Julian convinces Ava to reopen her gallery. Carly is pleased that Sonny and Jax have made a truce. Sonny is all in when Valentin tells him he can get Jax out of Port Charles. Learning that Shiloh tried to rape Sam, Margaux has him arrested and quits her DA position. Alexis is curious about Neil's interest in Kristina. Finding his book, she wonders why it is dedicated to his wife and daughter. Peter reluctantly agrees to help Maxie locate Dante.


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