By Lynda Hirsch

June 22, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Steffy sets out to make Liam feel at home at the Spencer Cliff house. Hope stresses over losing an object that is special to her, not realizing that Thomas is responsible for it disappearing. Xander pushes Zoe to do the right thing for everyone involved and tell Hope the truth about what happened on Catalina Island. Brooke is convinced that Thomas is using Douglas as a pawn to get closer to Hope. Steffy is caught off guard when Liam announces that he has invited Flo and Wyatt to spend time with them. Flo is nervous when Wyatt tells her the same thing. Ridge attempts to convince Brooke that he's made the right decision by having Thomas step up at Forrester. Brooke responds with her thoughts on Thomas' unhealthy preoccupation with Hope. Thomas presents Hope with a Forrester original that he designed. Flo gets emotional at Steffy and Liam's house. Hope is taken aback when Thomas admits a secret that he's been keeping from her. Steffy thanks Flo for bringing baby Phoebe in to their lives. Flo and Steffy agree, for different reasons, that baby Phoebe is definitely a "Logan." Zoe and Xander argue; they are on opposite sides of what to do in their situation. Emma is stunned when she overhears news not meant for her ears. Liam tells Steffy he does not trust her brother. Brooke confronts Thomas about his behavior with Hope, but Thomas pushes back. Emma angrily tells Xander that he should be ashamed of himself for his behavior. Zoe is tasked with letting Thomas know that yet another person is in on their big secret. Thomas attempts to explain to Emma that he is trying to protect Hope by not revealing that her daughter is alive. Ridge encourages Hope to open herself up to happiness. Pam finds herself involved in a situation between Emma and Thomas that is confusing. Hope misses Liam. Learning that Hope's baby is alive, Emma hops in her car to tell Hope. Emma is killed when her car plunges over an embankment. Thomas, who was hot on her tail, breathes easy now that Emma cannot reveal the secret about baby Beth.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Following their fight about Adam, Sharon and Rey finally reconcile. But despite Sharon's insistence that she doesn't have feelings for Adam, Rey confronts him, telling him to stay away. Amused, Adam realizes he's started to drive a wedge between the couple, and he resolves to stay at the Tack House so that he can be close to her. Lauren and Jack travel to LA on a business trip, and the more time they spend together, the more Jack values Lauren's company. Sensing that he's feeling alone and adrift with Dina, Kyle and Ashley moving out, Lauren vows to help him through the transition. Later, while visiting Dina at her new home, Jack meets a woman named Mallory, who is going through the same thing with her father. The two bond over their shared struggles and decide to keep talking over coffee. Cane and Traci's friendship continues to grow stronger, but Traci finds herself disappointed when Cane blows her off to talk to Lily. Tessa, Ana and Mariah decide to put aside their differences in the interest of working together, realizing that they're stronger together. For their first project, they decide to make a video of Tessa's daily life to introduce her to their fans. With assistance from Kyle, Summer and Theo, they incorporate JCV accessories, using the video to promote both brands. Despite everyone's happiness with the finished product, Devon doubts Ana's vision, and he suggests that she needs someone above her to show her the ropes. Ana angrily protests, but Devon insists that she's too green to be managing artists on her own.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Just after Will marries Sonny, he goes into cardiac arrest. Kayla brings him back to life. He tells everyone that Caroline pushed him back from the brink of death, as it was not his time to join her. Everyone is confused, saying Caroline is alive. Roman gets a phone call telling him Caroline died in her sleep. Maggie thanks Xander for turning over Dr. Rolf's diary. When Xander refuses to kill Ted for her, Kristen wonders if he has found his moral compass. In Salem to be at Will's side, Lucas and Sami feel they let their son down. Kate reassures Lucas he was a wonderful father. Lucas reveals he has been sober for 19 months and promises Will he will stay on the wagon. Ciara finally convinces Tripp that Claire — not Ben — set the cabin fires. Eve continues to delay Ben's arraignment. She swears he will pay for killing Paige. JJ and Haley say a touching goodbye as she heads to China with her mother. Sami tells Eric he needs to go after Sarah and that Sami is glad Nicole wants nothing to do with him. Kayla gets a message from Steve.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": When Dev, the youth he found in Turkey, arrives in Port Charles, Sonny decides to take him in and tell everyone he is his cousin. Josh holds a seance for Oscar. Telling Charlie she loves him, Kim asks him to help her make a baby. When he tells her it is too soon after Oscar's death, she agrees. In need of money for Jordan's hospital bills, Curtis considers working for Valentin. Valentin wants him to dig up dirt on Jax. Julian is desperate to help Lucas keep baby Wiley. Carly tells Sonny the baby may have birth defects. He tells her that, no matter what, the baby will always be perfect to him. Robert stews when the WSB forces him to retire. Lulu learns Dante is dealing with PTSD and cannot return to Port Charles. Willow recalls her father, once a member of Shiloh's cult, killed himself after he left the cult and Willow shunned him. Kevin is reinstated at the hospital. Laura asks Mac to take over for Jordan while she recovers from her kidney transplant. Jordan is overjoyed when she gets released from the hospital. Jason heads to Beecher's Corner to search for Shiloh.


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