By Lynda Hirsch

June 1, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Ridge and Brooke debate about why Liam and Hope should or should not end their marriage. Brooke is floored when Ridge's opinion is different than her own. Liam confronts Thomas about taking advantage of Hope during a vulnerable time. When Thomas pushes back, Liam vows that Hope will never love him. Hope makes a strange request of Steffy: make a life with Liam. Hope attempts to convince Steffy that Hope ending her marriage to Liam is the best option possible. Flo and Wyatt share a kiss. Hope and Douglas share a sweet moment remembering Caroline. Hope is touched when Douglas tells her that he loves her. Ridge tells Steffy that he agrees with Hope about Liam. Clearly upset, Brooke yells at Liam to fight for his marriage. Flo and Wyatt take their relationship to the next level. Hope tells Thomas that he should not have any expectations of her. Thomas tells Hope that he truly sees a future for the three of them: Thomas, Hope and Douglas. Wyatt questions Flo about Phoebe's birth father. Liam and Hope share a poignant moment together. Xander calls Zoe out for being distant lately. Maya arrives and tells them that Hope and Liam are ending their marriage. Zoe is horrified by this turn of events. Wyatt is stunned when Liam breaks the news about his marriage. Liam tells Wyatt he has one night left planned for Hope before they split — a night dedicated to just being together. Zoe and Flo weigh their options. Xander overhears Zoe speaking about Beth and demands the truth. Liam and Hope try to make the most of the last night that they have together. Thomas visits Steffy, who calls her brother out on his ulterior motive with Hope.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Victoria and Nick team up to bring down Adam. To that end, Nick hires Rey to head Dark Horse's security. His main job is to spy on Adam. Knowing his siblings want him out of town, Adam gives his demands: Chelsea's phone number, $500 million. They talk him down to $50 million. They warn him not to try to take Christian away from Nick. He lets them know he is staying in town. Sharon agrees to call Chelsea to let her know Adam is alive. Adam realizes Chloe and Kevin faked her death. Jack and Traci are heartbroken when they have to put Dina in assisted living. Returning to Genoa City for the will reading, Ashley tells Jack about the theft of the plans for Jabot's accessory company. Lauren confronts Phyllis; she knows she is the culprit. She orders her to stop the hacking or she will turn her in. Home for the reading of Neil's will, Lily serves Cane divorce papers. A crushed Cane seeks out Traci. Neil left Nate his penthouse and wants Jack to run the charity that focuses on dealing with substance abuse problems. Jack is delighted when Billy says he and Victoria have recommitted. Jack assures Billy he is fine without a woman in his life. Victor keeps his medical appointment with Nate from Nikki. Abby and Nate's dinner ends with a chaste kiss. Lola and Kyle talk marriage. Jack tells Billy he may disapprove but Jack will always be Adam's friend. Safe from her stalker, Mariah shares romance with Tessa. Tessa is unhappy when Ana overproduces her CD. The women spar as Tessa pushes for a stripped-down version.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": After collapsing, Will is told he has days to live. His only chance to live is if he can get ahold Dr. Rolf's diary. Xander, who has it, refuses to turn it over to Eve. When the passports Rory got for Haley and JJ disappear, Tripp finds them and heads to the Horton cabin. After Jennifer hits him over the head with her purse, Jack appears to have a recollection. Even though Jack assures her it does not matter, she vows to herself that she will help him regain his memory. A drunken Maggie tells Brady she saw Kristen in Nicole's hotel room. Brady decides to find out for himself. Kristen manages to put on her Nicole face mask. Eric also goes to the hotel room to try to show they belong together. When Nicole lashes out at him, Eric grabs her arm. When she breaks free, a lamp is knocked over. When Brady comes into the room, Nicole claims Eric attacked her. Haley and JJ stop short of making love. Placed under hypnosis by Marlena to see if he can find out anything about the night Ciara's cabin burned down, Ben recalls a cellphone ring. Later, the same ringtone is heard on Claire's phone. Ciara tells Ben she cannot believe that Claire was behind the cabin fire. With Chloe out of the picture, Stefan turns his attention to Gabi. Xander decides to pretend to be a nice guy in hopes of gaining control of Titan. Sarah pushes away Xander when he comes on to her. Hope agrees to go on a date with Ted. Eli thinks Lani is spending too much time with baby David and Rafe. Eve tells Jack she is going to frame Ben for the cabin fire to get even for his killing Paige.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Sam tells Shiloh she was playing him and has been with Jason for a long time. Danny is thrilled when Jason tells him he is moving back in with Sam. Margaux agrees to keep Shiloh out of jail. Nina is happy that Willow has been suspended from teaching. Maxie asks Peter to help her get Dante back for Lulu. Scott convinces Ava to plead not guilty for stabbing Ryan. Ryan tells Curtis he will give Jordan his kidney if all charges are dropped against him. Laura names an interim police commissioner while Jordan recovers from her transplant. Jason retrieves Kristina's pledge from Dawn of Day. Alexis is rattled when she realizes Kristina gave Shiloh info about her in the pledge. Sam and Jason burn all the Dawn of Day pledges. Jax tells Nina he bought Aurora publishing from Drew and agrees to let her stay on for the revamp. He also insists on a budget cut for the publication. Nina and Jax enjoy working together. Wanting to know if Peter is her son or Alex's, Anna takes off to see her twin. Sonny and Jax agree they loathe each other but they both love Joss. Kim gives Joss Oscar's guitar. Drew and Kim head to Kilimanjaro to spread Oscar's ashes. Drew asks Jason to start working on Oscar's treehouse. Lucas fears he will lose the baby because Shiloh is the father. Alexis says she will help him fight for his son. Sasha allows Michael to grow closer.


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