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June 15, 2019 5 min read

The 73rd annual Tony Awards was filled with stars — Jim Parsons, Zachery Quinto, etc. Bryan Cranston (ex-Doug on "Loving") won the best actor for his work on "Network." "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not got to take it anymore" is the touchstone of the work. Peter Finch won best actor several months after he died. Try to get ahold of the film. Check YouTube for Cranston's work. Cranston is not only a genius actor — "Breaking Bad," "Malcolm in the Middle" — he is also a genius person. He backs lots of charities. He's gracious to his fans. When Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) revealed that after a car crash, he remembers almost nothing of the show, Cranston told him, "I will fill in all the blanks." On loving, Cranston played an intrepid reporter. Doug Marland, who created the character, saw him as the everyman on the show. Kudos to Cranston on calling out what's going on or not going on in Washington.

Judith Light, who got her big break playing Karen on "One Life to Live," was given the Stevenson Award for the body of her work. On "One Life to Live," Karen was a hooker with a heart of gold. Her breakdown on the witness stand shows what an amazing actress she is. Side note: Light was chunky when she played Karen. After she left the show, she lost a ton of weight and kept it off. Her tip at the time: Eat everything you like in strict moderation.

"The Boys in the Band" won for best revival of a play. The ensemble includes soap stars Matt Boomer (Ben on "Guiding Light"). Boomer looks like an 8-by-10 glossy. Tuc Watkins (David on "One Life to Live") is not hard on the eyes either.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" is getting a new character. Joe LoCicero is set to play Vincent. The character is tied to bad boy Thomas. In real life, the actor is married to the actress who played the title role on "Jane the Virgin."

Five years ago, Michael Muhney (ex-Adam on "Young and Restless") was sitting on top of the soap opera world. The fans loved his multilayered character. As Victor Newman's illegitimate son, he had tons of storyline. Like Humpty Dumpty, he was about to fall. This week, Muhney took to Twitter to explain the suicidal thoughts he had and what kept him from killing himself. Muhney admits he and Eric Braden (Victor) did not get along. They had yelling matches on the set.

Piece of advice No. 1: Do not get into it with Braeden. Many have tried, and none have won. If he is in your corner, he will fight for you; if not, he will fight with you. He will win. The mitigating circumstances have to do with a groping charge that Muhney claims never happened. One of the ingenues reported that he made a physical play for her. Charges were not brought against him. The show went on without him. Justin Hartley, now staring on "This Is Us," had the role. Ever since then, Adam has been off the canvas, thought to be dead. Folks, as you know, no one is ever really dead on a soap. The character returned two weeks ago. Mark Grossman, who took on the role, is 12 years younger than Muhney and a few years younger than Hartley. The viewers like him, but they point out he is too young for Sharon, who will be his friend and lover.

As for Muhney, he said he was riding his bicycle and thought it would be so easy just to go over the yellow line and end it. He thought about his wife, whose mother committed suicide, and he could not go through with it. Muhney starred in shows like "Veronica Mars." When the show ended, he looked for other acting gigs. A few came his way but not enough to support him and his family. The job at "Young and Restless" was perfect — steady paycheck, playing an interesting character and mixing it up with actors like Peter Bergman, Melody Thomas Scott, Christian LeBlanc.

Then came the charges. It has been suggested the "lie" was put on the internet by a fan. If that is true, then social media crossed the line — which it still does. Soap viewers post nasty comments about actors' physical attributes and pass on unfounded rumors.

As for Muhney, he tried everything he could to return to "Young and Restless." That was not happening. He did a spot on "The Good Doctor" last year. And now, like every other actor, he is waiting for that next great role.

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