By Lynda Hirsch

May 16, 2020 3 min read

"General Hospital" runs out of original episodes next week. After that, the show will offer three weeks of classic Nurses Ball episodes. For years, the show spent megabucks for the annual Nurses Ball. Dingbat Lucy Coe (played by the award-winning Lynn Herring) was the hostess. She loved changing her clothes and introducing the acts. Mac had a dummy called Mr. Mumble's — who was banned from the shows after three tongue-tied and mouth-moving shows. Many of the actors can sing and dance on professional levels, and this gave them an opportunity to strut their stuff. Who knew Epiphany had the voice of an angel, Dante could tap dance or Luke could shake his booty? The Nurses Ball was for a good cause — raising money for AIDS research.

"Days of Our Lives" continues to shed major characters. Come September, Rafe, Sonny and Will are leaving Salem. Kristen leaves this week. Stacy Haiduk was a wonder as the crazed, bad girl trying to be good. Once again, this leaves Brady without a love in his life. It appears that Abby is headed for another multiple character split. When Kate Mansi returned a few months back, it was to be for a short time. It appears the time is almost up. Earlier this wee,k internet nonsense took over when it was suggested Camila Banus (Gabi) was leaving the show as she would not take a pay cut. Banus assured fans she was not leaving. She does admit she was putting out audition tapes. That is what actors do. Brandon Barash, be he Jake or Stefano, is a wonder. Great to see him back.

A member of the Los Angeles county government suggested that some cities that make up the area (Malibu, Venice, Pasadena, Beverly Hills) might be shutdown until mid-July. She walked it back, suggesting that no one knows when or for how long that area may be ordered to stay at home. Here's hoping it will not be for that long. Even if goes another month, that is a long time without new soap products. Here is an idea. All the actors are isolating. Primetime shows all have table reads. A script is performed in a low-key setting. Why not use the table read model to offer new soap episodes?

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