By Lynda Hirsch

May 25, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Caught, Zoe and Flo must cover when Hope confronts them as to why they are speaking about baby Beth. Thomas ups his game in manipulating Hope with a letter supposedly written by Caroline. Liam and Wyatt give each other brotherly advice and support about Liam's situation with Thomas and Hope and Wyatt's situation with Sally and Flo. Shauna and Zoe are committed to keeping their secret, but Flo wrestles with her conscience.

Eric and Quinn warmly welcome Flo and Shauna into their home. Shauna admits she is ready to leave her past behind. Hope is greatly affected when she reads the letter that Caroline "wrote." Liam is stunned when Wyatt asks him to look within to see if any part of him feels he should be with Steffy and the girls, not Hope. Hope helps Douglas when he has a nightmare. Quinn admits that she wasn't a fan of Sally's and that she wants Wyatt with Flo.

Flo is torn between the new life she has and the secret she is keeping. Wyatt surprises Sally at Forrester to talk about their relationship. Their conversation takes a turn that Sally did not see coming. He is ending their relationship and wants to be with Flo. Thomas continues to try and be with Hope and have her be a mother to Douglas. Flo feels guilty for rocking Hope and Liam's marriage with losing Beth, setting in motion Thomas' advances. Hope stuns Liam with a heartfelt request: She wants a divorce.

Steffy Forrester arrives home from Paris with baby Kelly and baby Phoebe. Hope sends Liam off to spend time with his family. Brooke is shocked when Hope admits that set Liam free. Liam admits to Steffy that Hope wants to step away from their marriage. He explains what's happened with Thomas and Douglas since she left.

Brooke urges Hope to be there for Douglas without sacrificing her marriage to Liam. Ridge urges Thomas not to interfere in other people's relationships. Later, Ridge comes home to an upset Brooke, who blames his son, Thomas, for Hope's troubles. Hope visits Steffy and is elated to once again hold baby Phoebe.

Deciding she wants to remarry Bill, Katie decides to put him to the test. She has Shauna come on to Bill as Katie listens in on the phone. Thrilled when Bill rejects Shauna, Katie tells him what she did and is overjoyed when he is not mad and is, in fact, turned on by her trick.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Waking up after being shot, Adam's memory returns. He knows who shot him but gets someone else to take the fall. Looking at Victor's portrait, Adam says "Sorry to disappoint you, pop." Billy and Victoria cannot forgive Adam for Delia's hit-and-run death. Kyle is not happy when Jack decides to change his position at the company. Jack says now he can spend more time with Lola. Abby and Nate grow closer. Sharon is thrilled when Faith approves of Rey. Rey and Sharon decide to move in together, as do Kyle and Lola. Rey is hired for security at Dark Horse. While talking to Cane, Traci daydreams he kissed her. A flustered Traci rushes off without telling him why. Cain takes a post that councils ex-inmates on how to get a job. While Nick does not trust Adam, Jack is glad that his friend is back from the dead. When Dina's dementia grows worse, Jack and Traci decide it is time to put her in an assisted living facility. Dina overhears the duo talking about their plans. Victoria and Billy admit they love each other, but she does not want to remarry. Summer tries to convince Phyllis that living her life as a bitter woman will only hurt her. Phyllis retorts that she does not care and will have her revenge.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": When Rafe turns down Jack's offer to be police commissioner, he appoints Eve. Eve warns Ben she will make him pay for killing Paige by restarting the cabin fire investigation. JJ and Haley are on the run to Canada. Doug and Julie celebrate a major anniversary. Kate and Gabi renew their friendship. Upset when she sees Kate and Victor together, she does not believe it is just business. The last straw for Maggie is when she finds one of her porcelain dolls, Claire, smashed. She starts to gulp glass after glass of vodka. Brady assures Eric that Nicole will forgive him. After giving Sarah a passionate kiss, Eric backs off and says he wants to be with Nicole. Nicole is upset when Brady backs away from her advances. Alone, Nicole peels off her mask and reveals she is Kristen. Will continues to have memory lapses. Lani admits she lied about David having a fever so she could spend more time with the infant.

Gabi makes sure that Chloe catches Stefan in bed with her. Stefan is crushed when Chloe says she is moving out. Kate warns Gabi not to fall in love with Stefan. Hope considers life without being on the police force or with Rafe. Tripp almost catches Claire as she is about to set fire to his clothes. Unable to get Tripp to take her back, Claire plots her revenge.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": After torching the cabin in Canada, Ryan heads to the Nurses Ball and poses as Kevin. In between musical numbers, big things happen at the ball. After Anna tells Scorpio they are not going to reunite, Anna agrees to marry Finn. Willow admits she had a child by Shiloh. Jason arrives as Shiloh is about to rape a drugged Sam. Jason pummels Shiloh and tosses him over the railing before taking Sam to the hospital. Curtis and Laura escape the explosion without any injuries. Sonny tells Margaux she will regret being involved with Dawn of Day; she says she won't and blames Sonny for causing her to lose everything when he revealed her father and mother's misdeeds. When Shiloh refuses to return Kristina's pledge, Sonny warns that will be a deadly mistake. Curtis realizes that Ryan could be a kidney donor for Jordan. A gun-toting Ava kidnaps Ryan. Curtis talks her out of killing Ryan, as he can save Jordon's life by donating his kidney. Instead of shooting him, Ava stabs Ryan in the back after he tells her about Kiki's last moments.


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