By Lynda Hirsch

May 18, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Liam insists to Hope that she not give up on their love. Quinn suggests to Eric that Wyatt and Flo should reunite and then suggests that Shauna and Flo should come and live with them in the Forrester mansion. Flo and Wyatt passionately kiss, although Flo is internally conflicted about this reunion. Liam tells Hope that he doesn't feel comfortable with Thomas living so close to Hope and suggests that they find a place of their own. He continues that he believes Thomas is using his son, Douglas, to get to Hope. Will negotiates a raise in his allowance from Bill. Katie reveals to Brooke that she must talk to Shauna before considering a future with Bill after what she witnessed at Il Giardino. Shauna invites Flo to live with her, Quinn and Eric. Quinn and Shauna are thrilled when Flo reveals that Wyatt asked her out on a date. Katie asks Shauna for a considerable favor. Bill contemplates the mistakes he made with Katie in the past and reveals to Justin that he knows now that money cannot get his family back. He goes on to make a startling statement about his beloved building, Sky. Katie and Shauna set a trap for Bill. Brooke worries that this won't turn out the way Katie is hoping it will. Katie eavesdrops as Shauna makes a move on Bill. Zoe arrives to the Forrester home and is taken aback to learn that Shauna and Flo have moved in with the Forresters. Zoe tells Flo it's reckless of her to live there while keeping such a big secret. Bill and Katie share their news with Will.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Adam and Nick have a less than cordial meeting. On the phone, Adam tells the person on the other line that things are going according to plan. Billy learns Adam killed Delia in a hit-and-run accident and tried to cover up the deed. Adam tells Billy he is sorry. Billy retorts he cannot be sorry for something he does not remember. Lauren tells Phyllis to stop trying to get revenge on the Abbott family. Jack tells Phyllis he is going to start an accessories line, so he will be competing with Phyllis' new startup. Traci is thrilled when Cane gives her an idea for her latest novel. As they are talking, Traci has a daydream of a shirtless Cane. Realizing Rey was only trying to protect his family, Paul drops charges against him. When Nate asks her for a drink, Abby tells him she is through with men. The last to learn Adam is alive, Abby accuses Victor of playing favorites with Nick and Victoria. Kyle tells Lola he wants to move in with her. After opening his door, Adam is shot in the stomach.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Will is stunned when Kayla tells him his memory loss is due to taking Rolf's serum to regain his memory. Kayla says if they can deconstruct Rolf's formula, they may find something to reverse the problem. Xander steals Rolf's diary, which contains the recipe for Rolf's serum. Xander gives Brady the tape of Nicole confessing she killed Deimos. In exchange, Brady gives him a top job at Titan. Still mourning her "dead" daughter, Holly, Nicole dissolves in Brady's arms when he tells her she no longer needs to fear Xander. Stefan, heartbroken over Holly, pulls back when Gabi wants to make love. Chloe begins making funeral arrangements for Holly. Marlena cannot convince Eric that he is not responsible for Holly's loss. Devastated when she learns Rafe took off his wedding ring, Hope asks Belle to stop divorce proceedings. Melinda reveals Haley is her daughter, not her sister. Tripp tells Chloe to get lost when he learns she gave immigration the tape that is causing Haley's deportation. JJ tells Haley they need to run away from Salem. Ciara tells Ben to bond with David. Lani, who is getting too close to baby David, lies that the baby has a fever so she can be alone with him. Maggie is ready to give up her decadeslong sobriety because of her granddaughter's death. Ciara walks in as Claire is smashing Maggie's beloved figurines. Jennifer finds Melissa, who is ready to take her life. Disgusted by Jack's mayoral win, Hope confronts him in Horton Square. Just before walking away to celebrate his win, Jack fires Hope as chief of police. Ted steps down as DA. Kayla and Abe toast to their long-standing friendship.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Respecting Oscar's wishes, friends and family enjoy a celebration of his life. Drew and Jason bond over helping Monica deal with the latest loss in her life. Oscar wants Drew and Jason to build a treehouse on the Quartermaine grounds for the younger kids. After everyone speaks, Ned tosses wildflower seeds in the meadow as a way to always honor Oscar. Julian punches Kevin when he sees him with Ava. In Canada, Laura and Curtis continue their search for Ryan. They find April dead in her house. Peter and Maxie make love. Anna decides she wants to be with Finn, but not as his wife. Thanks to Robert, Anna's engagement ring is lost. A fake replaces it. Mike has the real one and uses it to propose to Yvonne. Jordan decides not to have a kidney transplant even if it means she will die. Thanks to Nina, Willow learns she will not be rehired to teach next year. When Franco tries to bond with Cam, he says it is just because he wants to get on Liz's good side. When Carly has cramping. Jason insists on taking her to the hospital. Tests show it was just normal second-trimester pain. Shiloh plots to get Kristina back in Dawn of Day. Sam decides to pretend she wants to go through the initiation. Plotting to destroy Shiloh, Sam and Jason ask Spinelli to help. Valentin tells Sasha she should get out of town. Carly is thrilled when her baby's prenatal tests are fine. The doctor warns her that other problems may arise. Molly pitches Peter an expose on Dawn of Day. Drew is pleased when Kim tells him she is staying in Port Charles. Drew's spirit dampens when Julian arrives and he sees the sexual tension between Julian and Kim. The Nurses Ball gets underway.


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