By Lynda Hirsch

May 11, 2019 4 min read

So, I got it all wrong — except for one thing. I called Max Gail (Mike on "General Hospital") for the best supporting daytime actor Emmy. Everything else, nada.

This year, every winner was deserving. There have been some years when we thought, "WHAT?" Best actor and actress Emmy: Maurice Benard (Sonny on "General Hospital") and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy on "The Bold and the Beautiful"). I CALLED John Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan on "General Hospital") and Maura West (Ava on "General Hospital"), as did most folks. Here is the deal: No one who won really is the best; they just had the best reel. That is not a knock. Most top-tier daytime actors have over 200 hours of airtime. When they are up for the award, they, a producer, a friend start looking through clips to enter. That might take it down to 10. And the slicing and dicing continues. Just as with the Oscars, the day after, no one can remember who won — except the winner. Some were unhappy with younger actor winner Kyler Pettis (Theo on "Days of Our Lives"). He deserved it and was brilliant as the autistic teen. Yes, Garren Stitt (Oscar on "General Hospital") was also amazing. His best stuff will not be eligible until next year.

Many happy returns for "Days of Our Lives." Billy Flynn (Chad) and Kate Mansi (Abby) are headed back to Salem. Ditto for Thaao Penghlis (Andre/Tony) and Leann Hunley (Anna). No word on how long they will stay. Hopefully, with Leann and Thaao, it will be for good. Nothing against Flynn and Mansi, but they had a nice happy soap send-off. Do not bring them back as tortured souls who discovered love was not enough to keep them together. If there ever was a couple to believe in, it was this one.

While we love Tyler Cristopher (ex-Stefan and ex-Nikolas on "General Hospital"), Brandon Barash, who has taken over as Stefan, is giving his own spin on the character, and it is great. To be honest, we were not sure the recast would work. He had us at hello.

As for Christopher, he had started filming a movie. The actor took to social media to explain his exit. He revealed that since he was a teenager, he had been battling alcoholism. Between the schedule and commuting hundreds of miles between home and the studio, something was bound to happen. Sadly, it did. Christopher says he is now in a good place and thanks everyone for understanding and helping.

There are two more reasons to sign up for Amazon Prime. Two of the best and nicest actors who toiled on daytime are starring in the coming season of "The Bay." Actor A Martinez, whose soap stints go from "Santa Barbara" to "Days of our Lives" to "One Life to Live," will be playing father to David Lago (Raul on "Young and Restless") I have often said I want to be A when I grow up. As for Lago, who won an acting Emmy for "Young and Restless," he needs to return to the show. "Young and Restless" needs a good guy who tries but seems to lose in life. He did come back last year for a drop-by. Billy needs a pal other than his brothers. The other reason to get Amazon Prime? Their original series, such as "Bosch" and "Goliath."

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