By Lynda Hirsch

April 27, 2019 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Thomas tells Ridge how he wants to support Hope and help revitalize the Hope for the Future line. Ridge begins to suspect that Thomas might want more than just a friendship with Hope. Thomas grills Sally about what she knows of Hope and Liam's relationship. Liam vows to Hope not to give up on their love.

Quinn witnesses Sally embrace Thomas. Liam assures Hope that he loves her. Quinn tries to stir the pot between Wyatt and Sally by telling Wyatt what she saw. Thomas draws a picture for Hope as if Douglas made it. Later, Thomas gets Amelia on board to help him with his plan. Hope and Liam make love.

Hope is thrown when Thomas shows her the video of Phoebe. Thomas manipulates Hope into thinking it would be best if Liam went to Paris to see Steffy and the girls. Quinn reminds Sally of her past mistakes, and the two argue before Wyatt arrives. Thomas makes a promise to Liam.

Zoe is floored when she learns who Flo's father is Storm Forrest and exactly what that means in terms of their secret. Bill has an idea that will assure Will that Bill will always be there for him. Katie is stunned at Bill's marriage request. She leaves to share the story with her sisters. Bill heads to Il Giardino, where he runs into Shauna, and the two share a drink.

Katie admits to Brooke that she still loves Bill. Bill and Shauna continue to bond. Flo feels strongly that she must reveal the truth about Beth to take away Hope's pain. Zoe reminds Flo that Wyatt and Hope will never look at her again if she reveals this secret. Zoe and Flo begin to argue.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Family and friends gather to mourn the loss of Neil, including Malcolm, who rushed to Genoa City upon hearing the news.

Heartbroken, Cane breaks the news to Jill about Lily asking for divorce. Jill is surprised to learn how much he's been confiding in Traci. Jill is initially jealous, but she puts it aside, and the women work together to comfort Cane. Despite their kindness, Cane pulls away and goes to the park, where he leaves a final message for Lily. He apologizes for his mistakes and agrees to let her go but vows to never stop loving her.

Kyle pushes forward in ending his marriage, despite Summer's reluctance.

Devon decides to focus on the positive in his life by inviting Elena out on a date. She agrees, and they grow closer as they bond over their shared losses and trials.

Jack is upset when Dina continues to decline, especially when her doctor suggests that it's time to consider moving her into a care facility. Worried for her friend, Lauren stops by to see Jack, bringing him dinner and offering her support.

Moved by Neil's unexpected passing, Nikki encourages Victoria to make the most of the time she has and move forward with Billy. Later, Nikki is frustrated when Victor remains tight-lipped about his mysterious trips. He promises that all will be revealed soon, and then he returns to Vegas.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Jack dreams about his past. Eve is thrilled when Jack is 10 points ahead in the polls. Jack says he has dirt on Abe and Sheila, which will guarantee Jack is the next mayor of Salem. Just before getting test results about his brain tumor, Will lashes out and say he hates Sammy. Everyone is thrilled to hear the tumor is benign. He learns that his treatment could cause personality changes. Ben recuses Ciara from Roman. As Gabi and Stefan are making love, a man dressed like a ninja abducts Holly. Sarah is stunned when Maggie lets it slip that Eric has deep feelings for her. Maggie is upset when she learns Victor has made Kate the head of Titan. Eli fears Lani is getting too close to baby David. Chloe continues to be plagued by the thoughts that she set the cabin on fire, not Ben. Opening the door at Eric's apartment, Rex is stunned when Nicole is on the other side. Kate warns Hope not trust Ted. Ted continues to receive mysterious phone calls. Rafe vows to do everything he can to keep Ted away from Hope. Eric cannot believe his eyes when he sees Nicole.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": When Ava asks him to marry her so they can lure Ryan out of hiding, Scott says no way. Just as she tells Kevin she wants their marriage to go on, Laura opens a package and freaks out. Ava convinces Kevin and Laura to go with her plan. Laura reminds her that she and Kevin reconciled. Ava tells her she cannot even look at Kevin because he has the face of the man who killed her daughter. Harmony tries to explain to Willow why she didn't want Shiloh to know his child had lived. Kristina is not moved by her friends and family's intervention to get her out of Dawn of Day. With the end near, Oscar wants to change his last name to Quartermaine. His next wish is for Jason and Drew to start acting like brothers who love each other. Alexis realizes Neil has a personal reason for bringing down Shiloh. He admits he does but refuses to say anything else about his connection to Shiloh. Finding a bracelet that Scorpio gave her years ago, Anna realizes there is no way her sister would have it, so she must be Anna. Admitting they still love each other and would not change a thing about the past, they decide to keep the friendship. Scorpio promises to keep his distance when it comes to her love life. Finn wants an answer to his marriage proposal. Oscar's final requests are granted when Jason takes him for a ride on his motorcycle. Later, Drew and Jason help each other try to deal with Oscar's imminent death.


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