By Lynda Hirsch

April 20, 2019 3 min read

Mark your calendars or smartphone for May 5. That's the day the 46th annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be handed out in Pasadena, California. And you thought Pasadena was only famous for being the site of "The Big Bang Theory." Once again, Mario Lopez and Sheryl Underwood will co-host. Once again, it will not air on TV. Who needs TV when you can stream? Look for it on sites such as Gold Derby, Soap Central and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences website.

And because good things come in threes, as in previous years, Carolyn Hennesy (Diane on "General Hospital") will catch the stars as they walk the red carpet. "Days of Our Lives" has the most nominations, "Young and Restless" the least. Not a shock. "Young and Restless" was helmed by Mal Young. He made viewers very restless with his going-nowhere storylines.

Once again, the event will not air on TV but will stream on several sites, including Gold Derby, and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences website.

Now for the not-so-great news. For the past several years, the public got to see the submission tapes. This year, they will not be released to the public. Hopefully, someone will crack the code, and they will reveal the submission tapes. As the award is not about an entire year of work but about specific episodes, it is the only true way to understand who won and why. This year, I decided to choose the winners for best actor and actress. Maura West (Ava on "General Hospital") and Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan) have to win. They had so many standout scenes. The duo is well-liked and have been on several other soaps. Yes, some of it is a personality contest. Isn't everything?

Great news from the "Days of Our Lives" casting department. Two of the best characters are headed back to Salem — this time, not just for a drive-by. Paul Telfer (Xander) and Stacy Haiduk (Kristen/Susan) are in for the long haul. Telfer's Xander is a twisted yet fun character. He is also pretty good without a shirt on. Haiduk gives a different take than Eileen Davidson, who had the dual role for years. Haiduk 's Susan is great. Will having a brain tumor, she may be coming back to see Will, whom she thought was her son, Elvis. Bryan Datillo (Lucas) is also coming back. His stay seems to be a bit shorter. Too bad. The actor and the character are missed.

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