By Lynda Hirsch

April 22, 2017 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Fashion hell breaks loose when Jarrett realizes Spectra stole their fashion line from Forrester. Thomas confronts Sally, who swears she never meat to hurt him and did love him; Thomas calls her a traitor. Coco can not believe that she was duped into wearing a necklace with a hidden camera to get photos of Forrester Fashions newest couture line. While RJ believes her when she claims she did not know what was happening, the rest of the family says even if she is telling the truth, she can never set foot at Forrester Fashion. Eric and Ridge ask Carter to see what kind of legal action can be taken against Sally. Now working at Forrester, Katie loves watching Quinn squirm, as she fears Katie will reveal that Quinn and Ridge kissed the day before Ridge and Brooke were going to marry. Brooke returns the talisman necklace Bill gave to her. As she puts it around his neck, Brooke said it gave her what he said it would: peace and clarity. Bill is over the moon when Brooke says she loves him and wants to be his wife. Brooke tells Bill she cannot tell him why she jilted Ridge, but she assures what happened ensures she will never be with Ridge.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Marlena shares a bittersweet reunion with John. After a few hours of cuddling, he says he must go back on an ISA assignment. Paul tells Sonny he thinks Demios is having stolen artifacts shipped to one of his homes in Greece. Sonny is overwhelmed at the mess Basic Black is in and how little time he has to fix it. Paul and Sonny commit to spending their lives together. Tripp is offered a fortune by the Vitali family. Steve suggests that it is blood money. After his talk with Steve at the Brady pub, Tripp gets drunk and belligerent. When Roman tries to cut off his drinks, Tripp takes a swing at him. Roman has him arrested and decides he needs to spend the night in jail. Kayla catches Jade trying to take too many pills to make herself sick and lean on Joey to take care of her. When Joey learns what she is doing he tells her she needs to move. Jade decides to use Tripp to get what she wants. Theo is jealous of Ciara's new boyfriend Wyatt. Wyatt, who seems too good to be true, is just that. Someone is feeding him info about Ciara. Nicole brings Scooter and his wife together by having them both show up at a motel. Thanking her, Scooter says she helped put his marriage back on track and he will never reveal her true identity. Brady and Nicole are delighted when Scooter announces he and Hillary are moving. Nicole tells Brady she loves him. Julie is unhappy when she spots Eli with Gabi. Telling Chad she cannot be with him, as he still loves Gabi, Abby is comforted by Dario.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Larry sneaks into the mansion and steals the portrait. Before he can leave the grounds, Larry is stopped. Ned tells him he no longer considers him his father, and he wants him out of his life and does not want him at the wedding when he marries Olivia. Ned tells Olivia he wants to adopt Leo. A young woman named Samira is located on the mansion grounds. She begs to get the portrait because her daughter is being held in Turkey and only the portrait can get her out. Tracy says she cannot help her. Noticing that Samira and the late Edward have the same eye coloring, Tracy wonders if Samira could be Edward's daughter. Tracy gets DNA and wants Finn to run tests. While Finn is doing outpatient rehab, Griffin says he is going to be Finn' s supervisor. Brad, angry because he did not get money from Finn, thinks of ways to make it look as if Finn is doing drugs. Hayden tells Finn she is not certain she can be with him after he gets clean and sober. Alexis enjoys a night reunited with Julian. Afterwards, she tells him they are through and she has him out of her system. Just as Julian is saying goodbye and is set to leave town, he is arrested for working with Livvie. Furious that Jax slept with Carly, Sonny seeks revenge by letting Dante hear the tape recording in which Jax reveals he paid for Josh's kidney. Sonny is thrilled when Jax is arrested. When Nelle refuses to give any negative information about the kidney donation, charges are dropped. Carly thanks Nelle, but says she knows she did it to get in Michael's good graces and warns her there is no way Nelle will get together with Michael.

Laura tells Valentin in the end she will prove all of his dirty deeds and will lose custody of Claudette.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Victor and Faith have tearful goodbye. Victor appoints Abby as acting CEO of Newman Enterprises while he is out of town on business. In New York, Ashley meets Traci for breakfast. Traci meets Ravi and grills Ashley about her relationship with him; Ashley and Ravi share a kiss. While Billy and Phyllis are hitting the sheets, Victoria admits to Nikki she wants to be with Billy. Billy tells Victoria he has no desire to try to win her affection. Cane reminds Juliet on the importance of keeping their secret. Juliet tells Cane to forget about their hook up and to get his head on straight. Nikki opens up to Tessa about her past and asks her to be her assistant. Scott tells Sharon she needs to treat herself better and invites her out on a date.

Nikki secretly meets with Scott and tries to convince him to stop writing Victor's biography. Paul thinks he has a lead on Chloe's whereabouts. Jack visits Phyllis in the hopes of convincing her to form an alliance to take down Victor. Devon and Neal form a music company. The company plans to seek out minority singers and those who have to deal with major live crisis.


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