By Lynda Hirsch

March 6, 2021 3 min read

"Days of Our Lives" fans may wonder how long Jennifer will be off the canvas. Head writer Ron Carlivati is not certain. He says she will be back. He is not saying who will be playing the heroine. Melissa Reeves played the character on and off three decades. Reeves lives in Tennessee with her husband, Scott. She was there when the pandemic struck. When she was given the all-clear to fly, she preferred to stay at home. There were some rumblings of behind-the-scenes cashes. Cady McClain of "All My Children" fame (Dixie) and "As the World Turns" (Rosanne) took on the role. She was Jennifer with a little edge. Great interpretation. For now, the character is mourning the death of her mother in Boston with her brother, Mike. Mike would be a wonderful legacy character to bring back to Salem.

"The Young and the Restless" appears to be a member of the blondes-are-us fan club. Almost all the leading ladies have the same hair color and style. From the back, it takes me a minute to figure out who is on the screen. "General Hospital" and "Days" have an array of colors and cuts. "The Bold and the Beautiful" has various hair tones, though as for the clothes on "B&B," it looks like the costume department is dumpster diving. They keep dressing Wyatt in magenta and poor Flo looks as if she wearing baby doll pajamas. Zoe's outfits are distracting. Instead of paying attention to the dialogue, I keep thinking, "Why is she wearing this hideous outfit?" It overshadows the moment. Last week, even Brooke, who is all about style, wore a dress that even Goodwill would pass on. Here's hoping the show will return to its stylish and aspirational mode.

Apparently, things are a bit tense on the "General Hospital" set. Tristan Rogers (Scorpio) took to social media to critique a cast mate. He said Wes Ramsey (Peter) is a good actor but was miscast. This remark was not in response to anything; Rogers just blurted it out. Ramsey gave a classy response, saying he was raised a certain way, which made negative comments like that a nonstarter. He went on to praise the cast, crew, producers and writers. Ramsey said he understands his character can be horrid, and he also thanked the viewers for buying into the character. As for Rogers, he can be a demanding crank. Years ago, he was guesting on a show I hosted. He arrived at the hotel at 4 a.m. When the minibar did not have his liquor of choice, he woke the producer and insisted it be brought it to his room ASAP.

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