By Lynda Hirsch

March 21, 2020 5 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": The wedding guests settle their emotions at the end of Thomas and Zoe's wedding. Carter wishes that Zoe would find herself at the altar again with someone who truly loves her. Steffy commends Douglas for his bravery. Ridge apologizes to Brooke who takes this opportunity to move in for a kiss. Douglas gets "crafty" in his plan to reunite Liam and Hope. Ridge shares a poignant father/daughter moment with Steffy. Hope is charmed by Douglas and Liam's impromptu wedding idea. Brooke welcomes Ridge back home with a special outfit and sexy ambiance. Bill informs Wyatt about what went down at the wedding. Wyatt is amazed by Bill's retelling of the day. Douglas plays a special role when Liam and Hope bond their family together. Brooke and Ridge continue their love-fest. Ridge gives Brooke a special gift that will help her remember all of the wonderful moments of their lives together. Quinn recaps the wedding debacle to Shauna who realizes that this means that Ridge and Brooke will reunite. Katie and Bill hope that Sally will soon tell Wyatt the truth about her terminal illness. Happy that they are together, Sally dodges Wyatt's pointed questions while evading texts from Dr. Penny Escobar. Shauna tells Quinn she saw something that makes her concerned for Ridge.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Jill goes to see Nick at Victor's office and expresses interest in leasing the office space formerly home to Dark Horse; when he asks about the use of the space, she is vague, about her plans. Nick still agrees to lease her the space. Frustrated about her condition after the stabbing, Victoria vents to Sharon at Newman Ranch. Victoria feels she needs to get back to the office in order to feel better. Later, when Nikki arrives home, Victoria is not there. Sharon, Nikki, and Nick soon find Victoria in Victor's Office. Victoria realizes she is not ready to return to work and that she needs all of their help in order to recover. At the Abbott Mansion, Ashley and Traci open up to each other about their struggles in dealing with Dina's decline. Later, when Jack comes home, the three agree that it is time to bring Dina home. Later, Jack tells Kyle, Summer and Theo he will be spending less time at Jabot in order to focus on Dina. After Jack leaves, Theo and Kyle butt heads in the meeting. Faith mentions a school trip to Chicago over the summer that Sharon and she could take together. Sharon confesses to Rey that she is not sure that she will be well enough to go, but he encourages her to think positively. Later when Faith confesses her fears to Sharon, Sharon reassures her that they will get through this, although Sharon still has her own anxieties.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": As Ben awaits release from prison, he and Clyde share a father and son moment. Gina strikes a deal with Rolf. He will only pretend to remove the chip, and she will pretend to be Hope. Jack and Jennifer think Hope is acting strange. Orpheus turns out to be Evan's father and they have David. John continues his search for Marlena. Stevano is unhappy when Chad does not carry out his order — kill Gabi and Kate. Chad promises to do the job. Taking a swab of baby Mickey, Nicole sets out to prove Sarah and Eric are not Mickey's parents. Zander and Sarah announce they are engaged.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Trina and Cameron share a soulful kiss. Curtis questions Trina's mom about her bio father. Sam is searching for TJ, who was kidnapped by Cyrus' men. When a pipe bursts, it ruins Liz's home. Franco turns to Scott for money. While most in Port Charles think Obrecht did the dirty deeds, Spinelli, Jason and Robert Scorpio think Peter is the villain. Nelle freaks out when Britt comes to town. Britt visits Obrecht in prison. Wanting Brando to stay in town, Sonny buys him a garage. Jason is there when Harmony drives up in her flashy new car. He wonders how she paid for it. When she suggests Michael marry, Sasha says she will not work because of her past; Willow seems to be perfect wife and mother candidate. Ned is thrilled about a secret merger. Brook Lynn puts the news on her blog. Lulu sees it and writes a story about it, which sinks the deal. Olivia searches for Dante


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