By Lynda Hirsch

March 9, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Steffy and Ridge have a beautiful father-daughter talk about how Phoebe is meant to be a part of their family. Panicked at seeing Flo and Hope together, Zoe makes a beeline for the two and interjects just as Flo is about to spill the truth. Instead, Zoe furthers the deception. Later, Liam is stunned when Hope tells him that she met Phoebe's birth mother. Wyatt comforts Liam and reassures him that he and Hope will get through this together.

Wyatt and Flo reminisce about their past relationship. Liam is curious as to how Zoe fits into the picture with Flo. Wyatt explains his past behavior to Flo. Zoe plans a romantic evening for Xander. Wyatt invites Flo to meet his girlfriend Sally at a dinner party at his home. Hope tries to talk Liam out of going to dinner at Sally and Wyatt's.

Sally tells Wyatt she is glad that Flo is coming to dinner. Xander attempts to get more information out of Zoe about Reese. Xander reaffirms his love for Zoe. Sally and Flo meet. When Hope arrives with Liam, Flo and Hope immediately recognize each other. Wyatt is stunned to learn that Flo lied to him about having children. Sally attempts to break the tension in the room.

Zoe and Xander get passionate. Zoe expresses her love for Xander. Hope and Liam get to know Flo during a dinner party at Wyatt's house. Steffy divulges to Taylor that Hope wants Liam to reunite with her. Zoe abruptly leaves bed when she sees a photo of Flo posted to social media. Wracked with guilt, Flo encourages Hope to try to have another child.

Hope is blown away that Flo is Wyatt's high school girlfriend and Phoebe's birth mother. Zoe pushes her way into Flo's apartment and demands to know what she was doing at dinner at Wyatt's home. Zoe worries that if Flo tells the truth, they will all go to jail.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Devon begins to worry when Ana pressures him to listen to her new songs, revealing that she needs to sell more of her music. Worried about Ana's finances, Devon investigates and is shocked to find that Ana has been lying about being in debt. He confronts her about her lies, but Ana lashes out, telling Devon to stay out of her business. Once Ana cools down, they make peace, and Devon promises to respect Ana's privacy. Ana, in turn, promises to stop keeping secrets, but Devon's distrust continues to linger.

Despite their worry for their friends in prison, Jack and Billy move forward with their plan to topple Phyllis from power, knowing that they now have Kerry as their double agent. Believing that she can trust Kerry, Phyllis tells her about her plans to take down Ashley's competing cosmetics company, "My Beauty," and Kerry immediately passes the news on to her mysterious boss.

Mariah and Tessa's worst fears are realized when Tessa is arrested for her blackmail confession. Mariah immediately leaps into action, pulling together bail for Tessa, but she remains worried that she could lose her mother and her girlfriend for good. Furious, she confronts Nick over Tessa's arrest, but he's unsympathetic, insisting that Tessa got what she deserved.

Meanwhile, Victoria, Nikki and Sharon wait anxiously for news of their sentencing, but they're comforted by visits from Billy, Victor and Nick. Billy encourages Victoria to remain optimistic and promises to care for their children, no matter what happens. Sharon and Nick make peace, putting old grudges behind them, and Victor promises Nikki that he'll find the person responsible for their imprisonment and make them pay.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Diana fantasizes that Marlena is killed when struck down by a drunken driver. Discovering Marlena is highly allergic to penicillin, Diana realizes how she can kill Marlena. Diana hopes that she will win John's love after he mourns Marlena's death. Leo tells Sonny he will not drop the charges in exchange for a vast amount of money. Tripp invites Haley to stay at the loft while she hides from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. A jealous Claire does not like the idea. Jennifer warns Jack that he will one day regret revealing Haley is in the country undocumented. After Jennifer unbraids Jack for his actions, Jack tells her the old Jack is dead and the new Jack will be Salem's next mayor. Rex overreacts when he thinks he sees a man stalking Sarah. In truth, it is a man with no agenda. Rex praises Chloe on her beauty. Sarah and Eric find it hard to quash their mutual attraction. Ben agrees to be Stefan's security person but warns Stefan he will not do anything illegal. Brady warns Stefan he will rue the day he became head of DiMera Enterprises, as he will fail and lose everything.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Getting ready to marry "Kevin" (Ryan), Ava decides to get something out of his trunk. She is horrified when she discovers a bound and gagged Carly inside. Jason and Laura head to find Kevin in hopes of rescuing Carly. Ava begs a crazed Kevin not to kill Carly. Port Charles reels when Franco is exonerated for being the serial killer. Liz wonders why Franco did not tell him about working with Jordan to bring down the killer. When Jason points a gun at Ryan, Ryan warns that if he shoots him, he will never find Carly. Kevin grabs Jason and Ava and tosses them over the bridge. A dazed and confused Carly comes to. Nina is curious when she overhears Sasha and Valentin talking. Learning Oscar collapsed at Niagara falls, Kim and Drew rush to be at the boy's bedside. In Turkey, Sonny continues his search for Dante. As Jordan's conditions worsens, Chris is desperate to find a kidney for her. Sam tries to get Kristina to realize that Shiloh is a con man. During a session with Neal, Alexis questions why she always falls for bad boys. Buying several bottles of vodka, Alexis is unnerved when she adjusts the watch on her wrist. Having escaped Ferncliff with Laura, Kevin goes to the hospital for eyesight-restoring surgery.


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