By Lynda Hirsch

February 1, 2020 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Quinn loses the internal battle with her dark side and goes to the point of no return with Brooke. Wyatt seeks counsel from Liam concerning how badly he's hurt Sally by reuniting with Flo. Thomas seizes an opportunity and suggests to Quinn that they partner up to banish Brooke. Brooke is unamused when Liam blames himself, not Thomas, for the kiss. Carter tells Zoe she is beautiful before questioning the validity of her relationship with Thomas. Sparks reignite between Steffy and Liam as they spend family time together with Kelly. Katie is taken in by Bill's overt attentiveness and demonstrative behavior. Sally shuts Wyatt down when arrives at Forrester concerned about her well-being. Quinn pushes Flo to marry Wyatt quickly even though he is still technically engaged to Sally. Katie offers Sally comfort and support in her time of pain and sorrow.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Mariah visits Sharon to help organize her cancer treatment records and offers to take the reins at Crimson Lights. Sharon gently turns Mariah down and playfully orders her to live her own life. Sharon confides in Mariah that she doesn't want lose control over her life and doesn't need Rey or Nick to rescue her. Meanwhile, at the Grand Phoenix, Abby wishes Phyllis bad luck on her date with Chance. Abby's knocked a little off her game when she witnesses the dynamic between Chance and Phyllis. She may actually have competition. Adam and Chelsea are excited for their first night out as an exclusive couple. Adam suggests taking a family vacation to Paris. Their date night takes an awkward turn when Nick arrives at Society. Nick has a moment alone with Chelsea and shares that he's happy for Connor that his parents are back together, but he reminds Chelsea she's on the dark side with Adam. Jack senses something's wrong with Kyle as he distracts himself with work. Kyle admits he may be screwing up his marriage. Jack comforts him that he'll get out of the rut with Lola. Mariah is frustrated that she can't reach Tessa while she is out tour. Meanwhile, Tessa basks in the luxury of touring with Tanner. Tanner shares about his girlfriend, who's the opposite of Tessa. Tessa realizes that Tanner's relationship may not be as fun as his songs. Phyllis is suspicious when Sharon doesn't take the bait during a snarky conversation. Phyllis notices the bandage from Sharon's port procedure at the coffeehouse. Sharon fibs that it's a new tattoo. Phyllis' suspicion grows as she watches Nick and Faith give their gentle attention to Sharon. She assumes Sharon's health is in crisis.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Salem citizens recall last year's Mother's Day. It is filled with tragedy and stunning twists. Adrienne was killed in an auto accident. Everyone thinks it happened because Will was texting. In fact, a drunken Maggie caused the accident, which she does not remember. After Ciara learns the truth, Victor warns her to keep the secret. Ciara heads straight to the prison and tells Will. A stunned Will wonders if they should keep quiet, as Maggie will be shattered. Kristen and Brady talk about their baby who died on Mother's Day. In truth, the baby is fine. Xander switched the baby with Kristen and lets Sarah think her baby is fine. Sarah's baby died from the result of the car accident caused by Maggie. Eric and Sarah — who think Mickey is their daughter — are crushed when they learn Mickey's chemo did not stop the progression of the cancer. The only hope is a bone marrow transplant. In Prague to search for Stefano, John and Stevano run into Anna and Tony. When Anna yammers on about what a monster Stefano is and Tony says he is done with his father, Stevano is enraged. John is taken aback by the reactions of the person he thinks is Steve. Going through Steve's luggage, John finds Stefano's ring. Stefano walks in on John and John's discovery. Asked by Rafe to come to Salem because of Hope's odd behavior, Shawn realizes that Hope has been taken over by Gina. Crushed when they learn neither of them is a match for Mickey, Eric and Sarah search for a marrow donor. Xander is wracked with guilt because he knows Kristen or Brad, the real bio parents, would most likely be a match. Just as Marlena realizes Hope is princess Gina, Gina kidnaps her and takes her to Stefano's lair. Hattie and Kate bond over the secret about Stefano. Stefano trusses John up like a salami in a deli window. Hope/Gina arrives, pretending to set John free. Brady tells Nicole they need to let Eric know they are not lovers.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Sonny is upset when Taggart visits Mike. Taggart does not let Sonny know Jordan sent for him. Just before Sonny is set to take Mike to New York for the Alzheimer's trial test, Mike refuses to go when he cannot find Yvonne. Jason calms him down with Tony Bennett music. The three amigos head to the Bronx. In Manhattan, Sonny thinks he is being followed. Willow is stunned when she shows up to care for Wiley and finds Nelle at Brad's. Brad explains that Shiloh's funds are frozen and she had nowhere to go. Nelle tells Willow she needs to stay away from Wiley; she does not say, "or else," is Willow considers it a threat. Fearing Sasha may be in harm's way due to Nelle's presence in Port Charles, Michael suggests she move into the Q's mansion. Sasha turns him down, as she has to focus on the Deception launch. Michael tells Sasha he is focusing on one thing — getting Nelle back in jail. When Chase tells Jordan he has the same desire, she tells him to back off. It is not their case. Although she still loves the deceased Oscar, she has feelings for Dev. Dev backs off when Josh plants a kiss. Lulu and Brooklyn continue to snipe at each other. Jason tells Michael he and Sam are seeing each other on the sly so Sam is not caught violating the terms of her probation — keeping away from Jason. Shots ring out on the docks and Mike's old Bronx neighborhood. The aftermath of the shootings cause much tragedy. Ava assures Nikolas that Spencer will one day forgive him for not letting his son know he was alive. Everyone is stunned when Martin gets Valentin out of jail and most of his charges dismissed.


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