By Lynda Hirsch

February 8, 2020 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke and Liam agree that Thomas is manipulating the situation but disagree that he's at fault over the kiss. Carter tells Zoe he thinks that she's beautiful. Brooke questions Liam about moving in to Steffy's house. Carter speaks candidly with Zoe about whether she can trust Thomas. Thomas stuns Hope by making it evident that he will be spending the night with Zoe. Steffy and Liam share a special moment. Shauna and Quinn revel in how glad they are that Wyatt and Flo have reunited. Bill questions Katie about what's bothering her. Concerned for Sally, Wyatt tells her that he will always be there for her. Katie accompanies Sally to an important appointment. Wyatt goes to his father for advice about Sally. Shauna confides in Quinn her worries that Sally may still be an obstacle in Flo and Wyatt's future. Wyatt and Bill agree that they have both put Sally through a lot of pain and heartache. Flo tells Wyatt that they will both work toward getting Sally to a better place. Steffy and Liam's kiss continues to weigh heavily on Hope's mind. Katie encourages Sally as she returns to work at Forrester Creations. Carter watches Zoe's fashion photo shoot intently and then tells Thomas that he and Forrester Creations are lucky to have her. Concerned for Sally, Katie shares her secret with Dollar Bill. Thomas shares the next step of his plan to win Hope with Vinny. Thomas and everyone at Forrester Creations throw Zoe a surprise birthday party. Katie continues to share Sally's confidential medical diagnosis. Carter offers Zoe a special gift. Vinny calls Thomas out for how his plan is affecting Douglas.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": At the coffeehouse, Victoria begins to confront Billy. Then Amanda and Nate arrive. Victoria turns her attention to Amanda and accuses her of sleeping with Billy. Amanda insists to Victoria that she and Billy are not sleeping together. Victoria storms out after she informs Billy that she has proof of his lies. Billy apologizes to Amanda for embroiling her in the drama of his marriage. He suspects Victor manipulated Victoria into believing he and Amanda had an affair. Later, Phyllis warns Amanda not to get caught in the crossfire as Billy's life implodes. Sharon attempts normalcy at Crimson Lights as she undergoes chemotherapy. Sharon is suspicious when Phyllis arrives and is overly friendly to Sharon. Sharon wants to put a stop to Phyllis' behavior and tells Phyllis that she has breast cancer. Phyllis promises to keep her secret. Phyllis ends their conversation with a snarky comment. Sharon appreciates their relationship is back to normal. Mariah video chats Tessa to tell her about Sharon but decides to wait when Tanner interrupts their conversation. Tanner tells Tessa that he wants to set her up with his music label, but Tessa insists on staying loyal to Devon.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": It really is love in the afternoon. Nicole and Eric realize they cannot be apart. Kristen is overjoyed when Brady says he wants to move forward in a relationship. She swears she will not ruin things this time. Thinking he has caught Sarah making love to Eric, Xander is stunned when she says she and Eric did not have sex and she loves Xander. Nicole is suspicious when Xander insists Brady be tested as a bone marrow transplant for baby Mickey. Maggie is racked with guilt because she was home drunk when Sarah had to give birth at the side of the road. Maggie is unaware that she, not Will, was responsible for Adrienne's death. Told the truth about the accident from Ciara, Will wonders what to do, as Maggie would be defeated if she knew. Justin is surprised when Sonny tells him he and Evan are a couple. Evan panics when he gets information on his sketchy past. Marlena and John refuse to believe the other is dead. Chad realizes Stefano has taken over Steve's body. Ben is sentenced to be executed in three weeks. Marlena is stunned when Steve reveals he is really Stefano. John is equally stunned when Gina reveals her true identity. Rafe is off to Prague to locate Princess Gina. Kristin dodges Abby and Chad when they suggest that Stefano has taken over Steve's body. Clyde convinces Ben to bust out of prison with him.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": When another shootout puts his family in danger, Sonny vows to find out who is responsible. It appears to be a drug lord who is muscling in on Sonny territory. Feeling guilty for giving Peter up as a child, Anna hides evidence that could reveal his shady past. Finn tells Anna he does not want Peter alone with Violet. Anna and Finn spar over the truth about Peter's past. Upset, Finn leaves and is not certain he is coming back. Robin plans to visit Anna. Sam tells Finn she and Jason do not trust Peter. At Laura's bedside, when she wakes up after the shooting, Nikolas apologizes for not letting her know he was alive. Laura forgives him and says she loves her son. Maxie thinks sparks are flying between Nina and Jax. It is obvious they are attracted to other, but decide to keep things as they are. Spinelli agrees to get the goods on Peter. Everyone is thrilled when Lucas comes out of his coma. When it appears he does not remember that Brad told him Wiley is really Michael's son, Julian says Lucas could remember at any time. Lucas has some flashbacks to the accident. At Pentonville, Sonny tells Silas he will not let him use Port Charles for his business. Sam is disappointed when Finn tells her he is not going to cause any issues between Anna and Peter.


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Photo credit: jplenio at Pixabay

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