By Lynda Hirsch

February 16, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Zoe demands answers from Flo about how she is connected to Reese. Wyatt persuades Sally to sketch to get her mind off Hope and Beth. Hope gets close to Phoebe and shuts Steffy down at the suggestion of having another baby. Steffy reminisces with Hope about the loss of her sister. Zoe questions Reese's motives for introducing Flo to Steffy.

Hope admits to Steffy and Liam that she thinks about Beth while holding Phoebe. Flo becomes anxiety-ridden after Zoe leaves. At the office, Zoe reveals to Xander that she found out new information regarding Reese and Flo. Brooke ponders the strong connection Hope has to Phoebe and still can't get over the quick adoption process. Worried about Zoe learning the truth, Flo sends Reese an urgent text. Steffy expresses concern about Hope's attachment to Phoebe.

Zoe is preoccupied with the recent revelations about Phoebe's adoption. Pam offers Hope a special gift for her and Liam. Wyatt attempts to keep Hope focused on work at Hope for the Future. Sally presents her sketches to Hope. Thorne blindsides Katie, who is in the process of making romantic plans for Valentine's Day. Zoe threatens Flo that she will go to the police, or to Steffy, if Flo doesn't tell her what she wants to hear.

Thorne admits to Katie that he's made his decision out of his love for her and Will.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Furious at Mia's continued efforts to interfere in her relationship with Arturo, Abby confronts her in the middle of the Genoa City Athletic Club. Things quickly escalate, and despite Arturo, Mariah and Tessa's attempts to defuse the situation, it evolves into a full-on catfight. Eventually, Abby uses her status to resolve things and has a humiliated Mia thrown out of the club. Heartbroken Lola then arrives, tailed by an apologetic Kyle. Despite his efforts to talk to Lola, Arturo steps in, sending him away. Once he's gone, Lola opens up to Abby and Arturo, and Abby encourages Lola to fight for her relationship. Realizing that she left her coat at the cabin, Lola borrows Abby's coat and goes for a walk to clear her head. After an inspiring conversation with Mariah and Tessa, she resolves to find Kyle and make things right.

Mariah and Tessa decide they have the most boring relationship in town and they love it. Nick tells Phyllis one of the things he loves about their relationship is her quirky personality. Billy promises Victoria he will always be there for her and the children. Right after Rey tells Sharon he loves her, she confesses her part in JT's death. When she calls it self-defense, he says it was murder and he will help her. As Billy and Victoria are kissing, the police barge in and place Victoria in handcuffs. Victor is upset when Nikki tells the court she killed J.T.

Mia and Abby have a catfight. Summer tells Lola she needs to go after the man she wants. An enraged Mia prepares to attack Abby, but Lola gets in the way.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Rafe finds an unconscious Kate in the park. Jordan placed a bottle of pills next to her to make it look like a suicide attempt. Coming to at the hospital, she reveals Jordan stuck her the neck with a sleep-inducing needle. Ciara panics when Jordan sets the hiding place on fire and takes Charlotte. Ben and Chad find Ciara and set her free. Hope apologizes to Ben and offers a sincere thank-you for his recusing her daughter. Hope is still leery of Ben, but realizes Ciara plans to be with him. Ben and Ciara plan their life together. Telling Hope she is the bravest woman he's ever met, Ted kisses her. She tells him to never do that again. When Chad brings Charlotte home, Abby tells him she loves him and wants to be together. When Jordan comes back to the mansion, Chad claims he killed Ben. Heartbroken Jordan takes off to the hospital. Finding Ben in Ciara's room, Jordan hits him from behind, rendering him unconscious. Jordan reveals she set Ben up because she was afraid he would kill again and felt he needed to be locked up. With help from Gabi, Will and Sonny make love on Valentine's Day. Diana tells John that Leo is his son. John wonders how to tell Marlena that a man she hates is her stepson. When Rex flakes on Valentine's Day, Eric steps into help him. Sarah and Eric have a bonding moment. Stefan is glad that Chloe and the children are moving in with him. He talks about his loneliness and how they will make the mansion a place worth living in. Eva continues to press Jack to reveal that Hayley is an illegal immigrant. Jack does not think it is a good idea. Maggie tells Brady he cannot change Chloe's mind about where she wants to live, as Chloe will only become resentful. Gabi assures Stefan she will not let him destroy Gabi Chic.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Jason and Sam continue to make love on the down-low. Sam lets Shiloh think she is falling for him and Dawn of Day. Kristina is jealous when she sees Sam and Shiloh together. Spinelli reveals that Shiloh's father died after the brakes on his car were cut. Liz heads to visit a jailed Franco. He thinks it is a bad idea. He gives in. Drew is in tow, having gained the right to marry people from an internet site. With Cliff serving as witness, the duo says "I do."

Peter flinches when Maxie suggests Sasha is not Nina's daughter and plans to get DNA to prove it. Valentin and Nina make wedding plans. Laura is confused when Kevin (aka Ryan) says he will give her a divorce once the prenup is settled. Laura does not recall they had one. Laura heads to Ferncliff. Sonny tells Spencer he needs to tell Laura that he rigged the election. Ned and Olivia enjoy a sensual Valentine's Day. Although she is his patient, Alexis is drawn to Dr. Bern. Chad is freaked out when Janelle sends him a Valentine's Day card. Jason is touched when Danny makes him a Valentine's Day card. Sam is stunned that Jason, who used to hate the holiday, is pleased. She is further surprised when he gets her pink roses. Jordan tells Curtis that she does not think Franco is the killer. Jordan makes Franco an offer. Griffin tries to pull himself out of the abyss he has been in since Kiki was murdered. Sonny is stunned when Carly reveals she is pregnant. After a long discussion, they agree to go ahead with pregnancy, as long is does not put Carly's life at risk. In Europe, Anna Scorpio and Finn find Dr. Cabot. The blind Cabot tells the trip he will give them the info they help him regain his site.


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