By Lynda Hirsch

February 18, 2017 3 min read

After one year as "Days of our Lives" demonic Deimos, Vincent Irazarry is set to exit the show. Too bad, as the Emmy award-winning actor gave it all that he had. He even did the beautiful piano playing on "Days". A piano virtuoso when he moved to New York, he lived at a YMCA — not just for the cheap rent, but also because there was a piano on which he could play and practice. His turn as the conflicted David Hayward on "All My Children" was amazing. His acting has always been so fine whether on soaps, movies or prime time. What signaled the end of his run at "Days" has to do with the character: while the show has a penchant for over the top characters, Deimos did not work, as he waffled from misunderstood to dangerous. While Andre on the show, his character had something Deimos didn't: a belief that what he did was for family. Stefano and Victor also were able to use that excuse. Deimos did what he did for two reasons: to better himself and exact revenge. When he was responsible for Maggie falling down a flight of stairs and losing her ability to walk, it seemed the folks in Salem could never accept Deimos. They tried a love story for him, and while he and Ari Zucher (who plays Nicole) did make some magic moments, it was not enough. With "Days" taped six months in advance, Irizarry will be seen until the end of spring.

If Deimos didn't work, why does "General Hospital's" villainous Valentin work? Patrick Stuart is sublime. Unlike Deimos, the writers at "GH" have given him a tragic past of epic proportions. When growing up, he was akin to the elephant man, or Phantom of the Opera — physically and emotionally scarred. Once he became dashing, he still was filled with angst. His thoughts were not only of himself. He truly loves Charlotte the daughter conceived by him and Lulu's embryo. The sainted Anna, who has past with Valentin, comes off as a shrew as she tries to find out about their connection. Just this week, a scene he shared with the priestly Dr. Griffin made the good doctor appear not so good, while it made Valentin seem very good. Valentin is a villain you can root for. Unlike Deimos, he will be around for a long time.

For those of you wondering why ABC and CBS keep interpreting their regular schedule for Donald Trump press conferences, we asked a network executive who did not want to be named. He essentially said that Trump's constant implosions make for good ratings, and they would not want to miss any major footage. When it was pointed out that shows daytime prime time were rarely interrupted for President Obama, it was made clear that with Obama, the public knew what to expect.

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