By Lynda Hirsch

January 4, 2020 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Ridge asks Brooke to join the Forresters for Christmas. After a night of lovemaking, Thomas and Zoe wake up next to one another. Thomas invites Zoe to Christmas dinner. Thomas confirms to Hope that he and Zoe had a fun night. Ridge admits to Brooke that he hasn't yet filed their divorce papers. Steffy queries Liam about his feelings about Hope and Thomas working together. Brooke and Ridge continue to argue about Thomas. Bill visits Beth and Hope and expresses his concern to Hope regarding working with Thomas. Zoe shares her take on Thomas and Hope with Steffy and Liam. Thomas arrives unexpectedly to see Shauna and reveals his end goal of making Hope his own. He urges Shauna to go after Ridge and tells her exactly why she won't reveal their conversation to anyone. Later, Thomas provokes Liam by asking why he hasn't yet proposed to Hope. Thomas tells Liam to get used to having him in his life. A new man asks Steffy out on a date. Thomas becomes suspicious when he walks in on a private conversation between Steffy and Zoe. Separately, Liam shares with Steffy and Hope that Thomas threatened him.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Chance shares with Devon and Jill that he quit his position as a federal agent and is moving back to Genoa City. He's excited to open his own private investigation and security firm. Jill grills Chance about his budding relationship with Abby, but Chance is tight-lipped. Later, Jill comforts Devon as he reminisces the holidays with Neil. Jill promises Devon that she will do whatever it takes for him get his inheritance back from Colin. Abby invites Chance to attend her New Year's Eve party at Society. At first, he thinks she's asking him to work as security, since the Abbotts and Newmans will be under one roof but Abby clarifies that she's asking him to be her date. Chance gladly accepts. Adam is surprised when he learns that Victor and Nikki pulled strings to have Connor readmitted into Walnut Grove. At Society, Jack commends Phyllis' restraint against Adam. Phyllis doesn't want to let revenge against Adam consume her and promises she'll take Jack's advice about using her energy to focus on herself. Billy breaks it to Victoria that she'll have to ring in New Year's without him. She wishes they could be together for their anniversary but Billy can't get out of work. Victoria reminds Billy that she'll gladly save him again. Victoria hopes he didn't relapse into his gambling addiction. Later, Billy texts Amanda if she has time to talk. Sharon has a health crisis.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": John is flabbergasted when he learns Marlena has asked Hattie to stay with them. Hattie gets Roman to give her a job at the pub. Despite all her sexual plays, Roman assures Hattie they will only have a professional relationship. Kayla is certain Steve was present at Christmas. Sarah is thrilled when Xander pays her a surprise visit in Boston. She is touched when he gives her his late mother's bracelet. In Kate's room at the pub, Hattie finds Stefano. He convinces her he is Steve on assignment. At Julie's Place, formerly Doug's Place, everyone welcomes in the New Year and is stunned when Steve arrives. Kayla assures Justin he is the only man she wants in her life. Lani throws a plant through the Gabi Chic window. After a kiss, Nicole rand Brady realizes they are meant to be friends, not lovers. Having seen the kiss, Kristen vows she will make certain Nicole stays away from Brady. Thanks to Marlena, Ciara gets to see Ben in prison. Kate is nasty when she sees Will with Evan. At the New Year's Eve party, Stefano attends in Steve mode. Everyone is surprised he is back in town and the callous way he treats Kayla. Steve tells Marlena he is in town to find Stefano and keep her safe. When Kristen tells Brady she wants him, he says that will not happen. Kristen tells Lani she will re-win Brady. Realizing Ciara is still in love with Ben, Victor orders Xander to stay away from her. Ben, facing his last hearing in his death penalty case, is visited by Xander. Stevano, posing as Steve, tells Kayla he loves another woman.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Franco is brought up to speed about what happened when he was Drew. Some things, like sleeping with Kim, disgust him. Elizabeth explains nothing was his fault. Sam's family is overjoyed when she is released from prison for Christmas. Lucas' friends and family are devastated as he continues to be in a coma. Michael flips when Willow almost lets Nelle hold Jonah. Sonny fumes when Jason says tracking Carly is a bad idea. In Turning Woods, Mike becomes agitated when he cannot find Yvonne. Marcus explains her at the hospital having a feeding tube inserted. Gladys is outraged by the procedure as she feels it teas dignity away. Harmony gets a job at Turning Point. Valentin consults Nora about fighting for Charlotte's custody case. Valentin says Lulu can have ample visitation but Charlotte is going to live with him and Nina. Anna and Finn discuss Peter's criminal connections. Monica and Tracy bond. Sasha prepares to be the face of Deception. Jax panics when Nikolas disappears. Nina is heartbroken when she realizes Valentin was part of the Sasha charade. Sonny feels betrayed when he learns Carly did not tell him about Nikolas. When Ava will not give him the codicil, Valentin throws it into the moat. Sam's probation officer tells Sam she will lose her parole unless she stops seeing Jason because of his criminal connections. Brook Lynn is furious when Ned will not buy her out of her contract with her sleazy record producer. With Martin officiating, Nina is about to reveal if she is going to marry Valentin. Suddenly, Nicolas appears carrying a drenched Eva. Diane tells Jason and Sam that they must have no contact or Sam will go back to jail.


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