By Lynda Hirsch

January 25, 2020 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke forces Eric to choose between her and Quinn. Sally refuses to take Wyatt's news about his reconciliation with Flo and promises that she will not make it easy for him to leave her. Flo attempts to make amends with Bill. Brooke shares her current predicament with Katie. Eric gives Quinn a warning about interfering in other people's relationships. Quinn confesses to Wyatt that Brooke is causing trouble but assures her son she's come up with a plan to handle her adversary. Steffy, Liam and Kelly return from a day at the beach. Sally shows up at Flo's apartment to set the record straight about her and Wyatt. Thomas thanks Hope for not abandoning his son. Bill gives fatherly advice to Liam about his career and his love life. Thomas attempts to prevent Steffy from telling Liam the truth behind the kiss they shared. Eric gives Quinn bad news about Shauna. Brooke urges Hope to see that Thomas is pushing Liam further away from her. Thomas continues to use Zoe as a cover. Steffy becomes concerned about Sally. Sally confides in Steffy that she's going through a rough patch with Wyatt. Eric gives Brooke good news. Quinn tells Ridge that he'd be much happier with Shauna than with Brooke and then asks for his help with Eric. Quinn gets an idea while arguing with Brooke. Katie counsels Wyatt on his relationships with Flo and Sally. Ridge confides in Steffy about his kisses with Shauna and the war between Brooke and Quinn. Quinn promises Brooke that if she keeps interfering in her marriage to Eric that she will take her down.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": At Society, Victoria shows Nikki the bar receipt she found in Billy's pocket. She hates that he lied about meeting a client. Nikki relates to Billy as a former addict and gives him the benefit of the doubt. Later, Victoria confronts Billy about the bar receipt. He swears he's not having an affair but admits he can't live up to Victoria's expectations. Victoria defends her concern for him, and that it's OK to be fixed. Breaking Victoria's heart, Billy finally admits he's been confiding in Amanda.. Victor invites Adam and Chelsea to dinner at the ranch. Chelsea shares about Connor's bravery when they revisited the Grand Phoenix. Victor undermines Chelsea for the preventable hostage crisis. Victor candidly shares how proud he is of Adam putting his family as a priority. Before they start dinner, Nikki reminds Victor that Adam and Chelsea's happiness came at Nick's expense. Later, Adam announces his desire to leave a legacy for Connor by reviving Dark Horse. At Society, Jabot hosts a party for their marketing employees. Lola caters the party, and Summer nitpicks every detail. Kyle witnesses the chemistry between Theo and Lola when he makes her smile. Jack introduces Jill to Theo and she's happy to share her memories of his grandfather. Jill raves about Theo's good looks, perseverance and confidence. She's glad he's a new addition to the Abbotts. Elena insists she only wants to pick Nate's brain at the coffeehouse when she asks his opinion about a mobile medical clinic. It can fill the gap before the official New Hope clinic opens. Amanda joins them, and Elena cordially keeps her guard up. Nate details his friendship with Elena to Amanda. He clarifies how they work together and that he'll never pursue someone who's already in a relationship, family or not. Amanda thinks of Billy and then feels guilty, as if she crossed a line with a married man. Sharon is trying to put up a brave front. When alone, she is undone by her cancer diagnosis. While he wants a new relationship, Jack has a hard time finding the right woman.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": The residents of Salem recall last year's Mother's Day. It was a day filled with hope and tragedy. Kristen recalls losing her baby right after she gave birth. Blaming Hayley for what happened, Kristen takes lethal revenge. Sonny and Will decide they want a sibling for Arianna. Will is rushing home when he thinks he slammed into an oncoming car. Sarah and Adrienne are in the vehicle. Xander, aware of the accident after Sarah calls him, rushes to the accident site. He helps Sarah deliver Baby Mickey. After the birth. Xander finds Maggie in another car, passed out drunk. He realizes Maggie caused the accident. Fearing what could happen to Maggie, Victor and Xander decide to keep it secret and let Will take the fall. Justin is heartbroken when Kayla tells him Adrienne is dead.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Learning that Nelle is staying with Brad, Michael moves her into the mansion. In New York with Mike and Sonny, Jason feels bad he was estranged from Alan. In France to reveal to Spencer he is alive, Nikolas doesn't get the reception he expected. Spencer is furious that his father let him think he was dead for three years. Telling him he wants nothing to do with him, Spencer storms out. Nina decides not to search for her birth daughter. Martin is scamming someone. Valentin is his real boss. Thanks to clever lawyering, Martin gets bail for Valentin and reduced charges. Laura is shot during a shoot out. Brad cannot cope with Lucas' continuing coma. Not only does he fear for Lucas, he also wonders if Lucas will remember that he revealed that Wiley is really Michael's son, Jonah. Finn tries to help Anna with her issues with Peter.


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Photo credit: DrawnByShaun at Pixabay

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