By Lynda Hirsch

January 18, 2020 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Hope breaks down to Brooke and shares what she witnessed between Steffy and Liam. Liam and Steffy get real about their shared encounter. Steffy attempts to tell Liam that Thomas pulled some strings to get what he wanted. Hope tells Brooke that Douglas is her hero. Steffy and Ridge are worried about the outcome of the upcoming Forrester fashion showdown after seeing Sally's designs. Sally freaks out that she will be fired after being confronted by Ridge. Shauna encourages Flo to go after Wyatt even though he is engaged to Sally. Brooke blames Thomas for the problems with Hope, Liam and Steffy, but Ridge stands firm that Thomas had nothing to do with any of it. Ridge confesses to Brooke about his shared kisses with Shauna. Wyatt conveys to Flo that he and his family thinks she did a remarkable thing by donating her kidney to Katie. Quinn eavesdrops on a private conversation between Eric and Brooke. Distraught, Brooke demands that Eric make a big life change in regards to his wife and his houseguests. Shauna tells Ridge that she will always be there for him. Katie makes a plea of forgiveness to her family. An angry Quinn tells Shauna that Brooke is out to destroy them. Brooke and Quinn declare war on each other. Eric is forced into the fray between Quinn and Brooke. While Wyatt and Flo are reconciling, Sally decides to put her boyfriend before her career. Sally calls Wyatt to come over and he agrees because they need to talk. Brooke demands that Eric take action.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Victoria is surprised when Billy admits that he's stopped going to therapy. Billy tells Victoria he feels judged when Victoria tells him he can't solve his problems on his own. They manage to settle their disagreement but Billy still feels restless. Devon hears from Chance that his team has traced Colin in South America. Elena hopes this will answer their question if Amanda was involved in Colin's scam. Later, Devon runs into Amanda at Society. Devon admits her presence in town has become a huge distraction in his life. Amanda empathizes but refuses to go into hiding. Devon presses her for information on Colin, but Amanda shuts him down and makes a hasty exit. Lily returns to town for a visit. She meets with Jill, who urges her to visit Cane in Europe as he searches for Colin. Lily insists she needs a fresh start and is dating again. Later, Lily visits Devon and quizzes him on what he will do if he finds out Cane is guilty. Devon tells Lily he will show no mercy if Cane is involved with Colin. Victoria confides in Nikki that she is worried about Billy's decision to stop going to therapy. Nikki relates when Victoria admits that she's losing patience monitoring Billy's behavior. Later, Victoria is surprised to find a receipt from the Dive Bar in Billy's jacket. Meanwhile, Billy meets with Amanda who is not comfortable listening to Billy's marital problems with Victoria. Sharon is scared when she finds a lump in her breast.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Needing a place to stay, Lani moves in with JJ. JJ is stunned when he learns Gabi is blackmailing him by controlling Julie's pacemaker. Kayla is concerned when Julie's battery is low. Kayla admits to Marlena that Steve hurt her by saying he has another woman in his life. Abe is thrilled when he gets a call from Lani. Kristen tells Gabi she is not giving anyone her shares in DiMera. Stefano decides to make John and Marlena breakup by each one thinking the other is dead. The first step is to send John to Europe in search of Stefano. Clyde wants Ben to break out of prison and bring Ciara with him. Ciara is stunned when she learns it was Will that was sent to prison, even though he is innocent.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Tracy insists she is not back in town to take over ELQ. Someone else is, and she does not know who. At Shiloh's memorial, everyone is stunned to see Nelle. She flashes her ring finger and says she was married to Shiloh. Nelle assures Michael she will get even for what she considers his misdeeds. Willow becomes Brad's part-time nanny, while Lucas remains in a coma. Neal tells Alexis he lost his medical license because he was involved with her and cannot be, as she was his patient. While Anna wants to give Peter the benefit of the doubt, she feels Jason may be right about him. Ava and Nikolas agree they are only staying married because of the codicil. In truth, Ava plans to stay married and take Nikolas for all he is worth. Despite Carly and Stella's concern about the test program for Mike, he is going ahead with it. Lulu is stunned when she learns Dustin and Brooklyn were once an item. When Nikolas decides to go to Paris to tell Spencer he is alive, Ava says she is going with him. Franco and Jason have a strained meeting. Brooklyn takes the Quarternamie name.


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