By Lynda Hirsch

January 21, 2017 3 min read

There has been a lot of speculation about NBC canceling "Days of Our Lives," and things became gloomier when NBC hired Megyn Kelly to do a talk show. People Magazine reported that the show's actors were told it was over. This week at the Television Critics Association, NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said, "We haven't made decisions, but we like that show, we would like to keep it. I think we will know more in a couple of months. As they age, these shows diminish, there is a lot of delayed viewing and very little linear [daily] viewing anymore, you have to keep looking at that." NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke said "We hope that the show [DAYS] comes back."

Fans, if you want to keep the show on the air, email NBC and contact them on social media — it works!

One disgruntled fired DAYS actor went on a twitter rampage saying he wanted the show canceled. Jonathon McClendon (ex-Chase) claims that DAYS allegedly used one of Young's photos after purposefully removing the photographer's logo, and another post about the cruel way the soap reportedly fired a young actress.

"They also let one of my friends go without even telling her," McClendon writes. "There was just a different actress name next to her character. #classy #nbcdays." He also hated his last storyline: "I didn't want to be Chase the rapist," he wrote, along with, "52 years is too long #downWithDays I'm watching @GeneralHospital from now on." Perhaps we can blame these posts on his youth. Many DAYS fans took to social media to suggest his tweets might hurt his future career. He seems to feel loyal to his cast mates and crew, concerned about where it will leave them if the show is cancelled — out of work.

As for the rape storyline, he is right — it was awful. It took a sweet character and turned him into a monster in just one scene. Those writers are long gone.

But being fired? Well, that is one of the toughest parts of being an actor. Jerry Seinfeld has a great story about being fired; he was on the first season of "Benson." On the first day of the second season, he strolled on to the set and a producer asked why he was there, as his character had been written out! Many soaps will hold on-set auditions while the actor getting the boot is on stage, completely unaware that he/she is about to be replaced. Once while driving to my long-running radio show, I heard the announcer say that a brand new show was starting that day! Anyone who has been in the business knows that this can always happen. It is how you handle it that counts. Spill your feelings to your friends, family or agent, just do not get too honest with the world; that's what friends are for.

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