Watch Israel Get Blamed for Paris

By Joseph Farah

November 18, 2015 5 min read

You might think the Paris terror attacks will be a wake-up call to the Western world about the No. 1 security threat facing all of us.

I'm not talking about "climate change."

I'm talking about jihad. I'm talking about the active effort to expand Islamic radicalism throughout the world and to impose through cultural imperialism something resembling Saudi-style Sharia law through terror, immigration and propaganda.

I am not at all sanguine about the Western world awakening from its slumber.

France may have closed its borders, but it did so too late.

Far from closing its own borders, the U.S. is actively importing tens of thousands of Sunni Muslim "refugees" without performing security background checks on any of them. At least one so-called "refugee" was an active participant in the Paris terror attacks.

It's as if the Western world has a death wish.

Days after the massacre in France, news reports in the U.S. said the number of Muslims in the U.S. will very quickly surpass the number of Jews in the country. That will represent a kind of tipping point for the ethnic and religious group most persecuted worldwide over the last 2,000 years.

No one dare speak of these things in the U.S. for fear of being labeled an "Islamophobe," a jingoist, an ultra-nationalist, a bigot, an extremist, a racist, a zealot, a fiend or a barbarian.

You might think there would be more sympathy for Israel, the only free state in the Middle East on the front lines of the global jihad. Think again.

The global elite insists that Israel alone holds the solution to Muslim terror. If only the Jews would give up more of their precious land to the Palestinian Muslim terrorists who attack them daily, the jihad would end, they pretend in a maniacal twist of wishful thinking. The international media suggest Israel should stop building housing for its burgeoning population of Jews because home building is somehow provocative.

The world has gone mad.

Did we really say "never again" after the Holocaust? Does anyone remember?

No, mark my words: The pressure on Israel to make suicidal concessions to the jihadists will only escalate after Paris.

Here's an illustration of how deep the roots of anti-Semitism run: Most of the nations of the world are, in one way or another, supporting boycotts and divestiture movements against Israel. They do this while actively purchasing oil from ISIS, the very same terrorists who gleefully claimed responsibility for the Paris slaughter, as well as beheadings of Christians and other non-Sunnis throughout the Middle East, kidnappings, torture, rape and other demonic acts of repression and mass murder.

It won't be ISIS that pays the ultimate price. It will be Israel — and the Jews.

That's the way it always goes.

Having just returned from two weeks in Israel, I was appalled at the way the radical jihadists flaunt their power even in the heart of Israel's capital city of Jerusalem.

Jews are forbidden from praying on the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount, while Muslims taunt them for their very presence.

The Palestinian Authority — the coalition of Muslim groups overseeing the autonomy extended to them in historically Jewish lands in Judea, Samaria and parts of Jerusalem — blamed Israel for the terror attacks in Paris. These are the so-called moderates, with whom the world expects Israel to negotiate a land-for-peace plan. The Arab Palestinian leadership has openly called for more bloodshed against Jews in Israel that recently came in a wave of stabbings in and around Jerusalem. Not only did Palestinian Arabs shoot up an Israeli car a day after the Paris attack, killing a father and son, but a Palestinian Arab ambulance refused to respond to a call for urgent medical attention from a Jewish survivor of that attack.

Nevertheless, Israelis still hold on to the hope that, if they only continue to play nice with their neighbors, their neighbors will someday see the light and agree to live with them in peace and harmony.

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