Who Is Speaking Up for Religious Liberty?

By Joseph Farah

April 8, 2015 5 min read

People have been telling me for years to keep an eye on Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, even way back when he was just a little-known member of Congress.

I watched him speak. He hit all the right notes. But there was something about him that bothered me. I just couldn't put my finger on it, until last week. He's a gutless weakling who cares more about bad press than about right and wrong.

The days when he was taken seriously as presidential timber are over — and rightfully so. He had his moment when God gave him a platform on the national stage, and he caved like a house of cards. It was pathetic to behold.

But where is the leadership to stand in the gap during this crisis? (And make no mistake about it; it's a crisis we face at this moment.) The stakes are high. Gays and their champions, from the squishy liberals to the radical left, are going for the kill.

The issue is whether religious freedom — the very basis for the settling of America and the foundation for the republic in which we live — will have to take a permanent back seat to bogus "nondiscrimination" laws elevating aberrant behavior and sinful lifestyles. It's just that simple.

Without a doubt, this issue is not going away. It will be a major focus for presidential candidates over the next 18 months. It's the new litmus test for the media. How Christians and their leadership respond will determine who wins the debate.

So who is articulating truth boldly and forcefully in this challenging time? Where is the church? Where is the salt and light?

I would have to say the premier defender of faith in this crisis is a talk show host. Granted, he's not just a talk show host. He's No. 1. He's a superstar — Rush Limbaugh. But he's also one who, throughout much of his career, has avoided questions of faith in favor of politics. Perhaps he sees what I see: that the art of politics is shallow, meaningless and useless without a foundation built on transcendent values — especially when the opposition is hellbent on denying or destroying such values.

Anyway, Limbaugh may be experiencing his finest hour. I'm amazed by how beautifully he, virtually alone, has been, day after day, speaking truth to brute force.

But why is he virtually alone? Where are the other articulate voices of reason and sanity in this hour of crisis? Where is the Christian leadership? Where are the mega-pastors? Where is the rest of the church? Why are the only people standing up against this onslaught pizzeria owners and florists and bakers and caterers and wedding photographers?

Some presidential candidate has a great opportunity to lead by example right now — to speak the truth boldly and forcefully. If not, this fight could be over quickly — without any reasoned national debate.

Will this madness affect the imminent Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, which, fundamentally, is the bulldozer being used to run roughshod over religious liberty?

Barack Obama got elected president twice by promising to deliver the "fundamental transformation of America." He has more than lived up to that campaign vow. But what's happening culturally now, without his speaking a word about it, could be more powerful and transformative for the country in the long run than any of his unconstitutional executive orders, his misuse of the Justice Department, his abuse of the IRS to target political enemies and his chaotic foreign policy adventures.

I really believe the stakes are that high.

Meanwhile, the state of the church in America is in shambles. Where are the prayer vigils? Where are the prophetic voices? When is the congregation of the saints going to arise? Are they aware of the sacrifices previous generations made for their protection? Do they care about the rights of future generations of believers to practice their faith?

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