Liberals, Don't Take This Personally

By Joseph Farah

February 11, 2015 4 min read

My friend Michael Savage, the Michelangelo of talk artists, once wrote a book titled "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder." When I first saw the title, I thought it was a little harsh. But that was 10 years ago. It turns out the good doctor was right again. Let me illustrate what I mean.

Another friend of mine, Bill Press, wrote a column for WorldNetDaily last week that still has my head spinning. Press is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but — to be charitable — it's rare that he makes any political sense. He's the former chairman of the California Democratic Party and a liberal's liberal — bleeding heart and all.

Yet sometimes liberals such as Press are downright mean — with a very strong totalitarian streak. And this column really demonstrated that side of liberalism.

Press wrote: "You have the legal right to opt out of vaccinating your kids, but you do not have the legal right to expose my kids to ... a deadly disease. From now on, if your children have not been inoculated, they may not attend public school, play in a public playground, hang out in a public mall, or frolic in a public amusement park, like Disneyland."

Mandatory vaccination or don't let your kid out in public. That's the "choice" some liberals, Bill Press included, want parents to have.

Think about the insanity this represents — especially for someone who proudly calls himself a liberal, a civil libertarian, an advocate for children and, especially, an advocate for the rights of people who actually carry a deadly disease, unlike the unvaccinated children Press fears so much.

What was the liberal response to the Ebola threat? Barack Obama didn't call for those possibly exposed to Ebola to be forbidden to take public transportation. Press wants to keep children off public transportation because they are not vaccinated against measles.

When was the most recent death from measles in the U.S.? Anyone know? Dr. Lee Hieb, an expert in the field, says 2005. But the vaccine that prevents measles infection has taken the lives of 86 in that time, she reports — 68 of them 3 years old or younger. Almost 2,000 have been permanently disabled by the vaccine.

And Press wants government to mandate forcible vaccinations for all children, despite the obvious fact that the shot is far more dangerous than the illness. Does that make sense to any right-thinking person?

Hieb sees mandatory vaccinations of this kind as a form of totalitarianism. I agree. And guess what. Far more liberals support this brand of government coercion than do conservatives.

You know what else liberals are against? Oddly, they're against medical screening for immigrants who have come here illegally. There is overwhelming evidence that the source of the recent measles epidemic was foreign. And that evidence came after many common-sense conservatives, such as Savage, who happens to be an epidemiologist, warned against the uncontrolled wave of illegal immigration sparked by Obama's engraved invitation to Mexicans and Central Americans to send their unescorted kids to the promised land of los Estados Unidos.

Do you get the picture? Do you see the inconsistency? Are you beginning to appreciate the schizophrenia? Is this not madness? Is this not a mental disorder? Or is it simply that ideology trumps safety sometimes?

And of course, the ideology of liberalism is that there are no limits on what government can do in its all-knowing, beneficent compassion and good judgment.

Now, nothing personal, liberals, but if someone truly believes that, I label him or her a psychopath.

Any argument?

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