What Not to Wear on New Year's Eve

By Sharon Mosley

December 22, 2015 4 min read

You've made it through the last few weeks and now you've got one more party to attend ... one of the biggest parties of the year ... New Year's Eve. So how do you celebrate in style? Maybe it's time to take a big breath instead of another glass of eggnog and reflect on what NOT to wear. Then you can start the new year off right and clean out a closet or two!

Take a break from work. You may feel like you haven't seen your boss much lately during the holiday season, and you've promised yourself you'll get back on track at the office right after the New Year, so give yourself permission to NOT wear your work clothes on New Year's Eve. Leave the uptight jackets and suits at home. Better yet, check out the after Christmas sales and grab a real steal on that sequin sheath dress or velvet blazer you thought you'd never own.

However festive your New Year's Eve attire, you don't want to take the plunge ... the V-neck dress that's too low ... the slit that's too high ... the skirt that's too short ... or the shirt that's too bare. Ditto for anything that looks like lingerie. Madonna may be able to get away with just wearing a corset, but most of us average rockers can't. Just because it's the last party of the year, doesn't mean you have to let it all hang out ... literally.

But it also doesn't mean you have to cover it all up in a chunky knit sweater dress either. The fisherman cable knit sweater may be all the rage this winter, but save it for the ski slopes. Unless you're spending the night watching the ball drop in Times Square and warding off freezing temperatures, then opt for knits that are a little more appropriate for a party. A delicate cashmere cardigan or a fine-gauge knit sweater coat may be a better choice than swaddling yourself in thick wool.

And unless you're bringing in the new year on a tropical island, wearing huge floral prints to dance the night away is definitely on the "what not to wear" list. Tacky is tacky no matter where you are. Or at least save that hibiscus tunic or shirt for your next cruise. Then you can feel free to bloom where you're planted ... right on the beach.

You also don't want to show off all your designer duds that you got for holiday presents either. The triple trend — the latest Prada bag, Chanel cuff bracelet and Gucci sling backs are just not all that cute when you pile them on all at the same time. You may really be proud of these treasures, but be a little more discreet. Don't be a triple trendsetter ... i.e. fashion victim.

And if you get the urge to recycle an old prom dress or bridesmaid's dress, then have a glass of champagne, and relax. Unless the same people have been at every single party you've been to this holiday season (and how boring is that?) then you can definitely wear one of your favorite frocks again. Just remember that a change of accessories can do wonders and breathe new life into the party and that old party dress too. Happy New Year!

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