Holiday Prep: The Fashion To-Do List

By Sharon Mosley

November 5, 2019 4 min read

As the holidays rush to greet us, so does the round of celebrations. Time to put the ghosts and goblins behind you and start feeling thankful for bountiful blessings. It's never too early to plan ahead. Here are a few reminders to get you in a festive mood so there's plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the season.

— Write it down. As soon as you put it on your calendar, it's on your radar. If you've worn the same black sequined dress for the last few years to the office party, it may be time to invest in a few new party pieces. Separates may be your best bet. Slinky satin pants in skinny silhouettes or a pair of wide-leg silk trousers are both a good start to a mix-and-match holiday wardrobe, especially when topped off with velvet jackets or metallic tunics.

— Shop smart. When you make that list of gifts to buy and venture out to the malls or your favorite boutique — or even online — shop early. There are already plenty of deals and steals out there for the early birds. And let's face it, when you're shopping for other people, you can also shop for yourself. We all do it, so shop smart and add a few things to your own holiday list. Only Santa has to know!

— Scope out the unusual. Don't forget that there are lots of unique places to shop. With the '70s trending in fashion, charity stores and vintage markets are the perfect places to find interesting retro finds, especially accessories. A touch of the bohemian vibe may be just the way to glam up the holiday fashion scene. Sparkly pins are all the rage this year ... and you can often find them at bargain prices.

— Don't forget the small stuff. Sometimes it's not the party outfit or the gifts for the nephews and nieces that put us over the edge in the holiday rush; it's the little things like hostess gifts, office exchanges or neighborhood drop-ins. Put these gifts on your shopping list, too. These gifts can be bought in multiples all year long — scarves, candles, soaps, lotions, etc. Create an extra stash of last-minute gifts that you can easily grab and go.

— Make appointments early. How many times do we wake up to find our hair is suddenly out of control? Or our nail polish is barely hanging on? During the holidays, it's even more important to think ahead and schedule hair and nail appointments before stylists are booked. Ditto for pants or skirts that need hemming or shoes that need refurbishing. And if you are ordering clothes or shoes online, consider buying several sizes in order to avoid lengthy delays when waiting on returns.

— Keep it simple. It may be easier said than done during the holiday season, when frantic is often the word of the day, but if you can get ahead of the rush, you'll have more time to enjoy the real reason for celebrating with your family and friends ... no matter what you're wearing.

Think ahead and buy fashion separates to mix and match for holiday parties. Aleha velvet halter blouse, jacket and feathered skirt from Anthropologie.
Think ahead and buy fashion separates to mix and match for holiday parties. Aleha velvet halter blouse, jacket and feathered skirt from Anthropologie.

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