Men's Fall Fashion Favorites

By Sharon Mosley

September 10, 2019 4 min read

Get ready to suit up for a new season that makes a return to men's classics — with updated twists. Nothing ever remains quite the same. As fashion influences from the '70s and the '90s take center stage again on the runways, menswear designers make everything old new again. Here's a shopping list of fall 2019 favorites:

— Sharp suiters. It's time to dress up again in suits that are elegantly tailored but with a little more ease than in previous years. While suits are still on the slim side, they're softened up in denim and velvet. Patterned suits are trending in houndstooth, checks, chevrons and the perennial favorite, pinstripes. And if you're a guy who walks on fashion's wild side, suit up in the new color-blocked suit — a suit with one color on one side and another color on the other side.

— Preppy plaids. The plaid shirt is a must-have for men of all ages this fall. The flannel shirt is an oldie but a goodie — updated in bold colors. The newest way to wear these plaid shirts is layered with striped T-shirts and rugby shirts and paired with jeans. Watch for the red-and-black tartan plaid shirt to be a big winner this season, teamed with black jeans.

— The new pants. Slim pants are still very much a part of the modern man's wardrobe, but menswear designers are also experimenting with looser silhouettes this year. Think fuller, longer trousers reminiscent of the 1940s. Then there are the trousers split on the side, flowing into flared silhouettes. But don't worry, comfy knit joggers are a great way to ease into fall, too.

— Statement sweaters. Another comfort favorite. Slouchy and oversized, the newest sweaters are showing up in artsy graphics, whimsical designs and the all-time favorite, the alpine Nordic patterned knit. Brave the chills of fall and winter with the plush life — sweater coats, fleeces, hoodies — all cozy toppers for the season ahead. In pale pastels or bright neons, these sweaters make an even trendier fashion statement.

— Leather outerwear. Gotta have a piece of leather in your closet this fall! Leather — especially in black — gets the rock star treatment. From oversize trench coats to blazers to cropped jackets and vests, leather is the finishing piece in a man's wardrobe — and in a woman's this year, too! Leather outerwear is an investment you'll wear for years.

— Utility chic. This '70s trend is back in full force. From cargo pants to storm field parkas to shirt jackets, the updated utility trend proves that fashion can be functional in the real world. Who doesn't like having a ton of easy-to-reach pockets? Look for hands-free leather crossbody bags to be big for men this fall, too.

— All the extras. If you just want to add a few new accessories this fall, you're in luck. Change up your jeans and sweater/blazer outfits with rugged hiking boots or animal-print sneakers. (Animal print is everywhere for guys, too!) Update a sharp suit with a pair of sleek Chelsea boots or a cool pair of aviator sunglasses. And when it gets really cold, channel your inner Harry Potter and wrap up in a thick striped scarf. You, too, can be a fashion wizard!

Fashion meets function in slim cargo pants for men this fall. From Bloomingdale's.
Fashion meets function in slim cargo pants for men this fall. From Bloomingdale's.

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