In the Limelight

By Sharon Mosley

August 7, 2018 6 min read

Lime green. Sky blue. Luscious lavender. Sound like the colors of a new autumn fashion season? Well, get ready to think outside the fall fashion crayon box.

According to the international color trend authority, Pantone, Inc., we're in store for a few surprises for the upcoming year.

"There is a continued transition away from cyclical trends, and instead a strong focus on self-expressive colors that evade antiquated seasonal structure," says Lea Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone. "As a result, we are seeing some very notable non-traditional choices showing up in the Fall/Winter palette. These unexpected shades reinvent the seasonal color story and allows for the artistry and originality that moves fashion forward."

So, if you've still got that lavender denim jacket from last spring, don't stash it away just yet. Just mix in in with those autumnal favorites like deep crimson red for a fresh new color pairing that will give your wardrobe a whole new vibe. In other words, feel free to wear any color you want, any time of year! What a concept!

Here are Pantone's top 10 color picks for fall 2018:

—Red Pear. This is a deep crimson shade of red with just a hint of brown. Think Southwest desert tones. And if you really want to make a statement, wear this rich red color from head to toe...complete with matching red suede boots.

—Valiant Poppy. Pump up the volume on that burnished "red pear" shade and you've got the brighter cousin of red in this vibrant hue. Mix both reds together and you've got the power color couple of the year. Actually, this red has long been a winner on the fashion scene.

—Nebulas Blue. Had to look this one up...a nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Originally nebula was a name for any diffuse astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way. So this new blue for fall is a little darker than spring's baby blues, and a little brighter. Pantone describes it as "reminiscent of twilight, a thoughtful-starry-eyed blue.

—Quetzal Green. Another word search. The quetzal is a bird in the trogon family found from Mexico to Panama known for its colorful blue-green plumage. The color is similar to a peacock blue-green and is a stunner when combined with the starry aforementioned Nebulas Blue. In velvet, it's old-world sumptuous. Watch for this color to be a favorite of interior designers, too.

— Ceylon Yellow. OK, the only way to describe this color is to think mustard yellow. Not one of my personal favorites, but in the right shade it can be quite exotic. Brunettes and dark skin tones seem to pull this spicy color off the best.

—Limelight. A more pungent yellow-green, with almost a neon glow, this color is also for the brave fashion hearts. Wear it and expect to be the center of attention.

—Martini Olive. Another traditional fall favorite, the utilitarian military shade of olive has gotten a sophisticated upgrade from fashion designers who paraded it down the runways in everything from chic trench coats to camouflage suits.

—Russet Orange. Think a little shade of orange deeper than pumpkin, and you've got the flavor of this earthy shade. As long as you don't look like you're celebrating Halloween in any kind of scary costume, then this orange can really reinvigorate your wardrobe. Hint: choose in small doses like accessories unless the thought of being compared to the Great Pumpkin gives you a particular thrill.

—Ultra Violet. Yes, this is THE color of the year, according to Pantone, who first declared it a top contender for the spring 2018 fashion season. The deeper violet now eases into fall and continues to inspire designers. Watch for the royal purple hue to be a big coat-seller for winter.

—Crocus Petal. A lavender color, this also seems to belong more in the spring season. But remember, we're starting to mix it all up now. That's a more modern way to dress. And while it may take some of us a little more time to get used to wearing Easter egg colors in the fall, expect to get used to seeing a more seasonless fashion palette in the coming years.

And who wants to pack away all those clothes every season anyway?

Think outside the crayon box this fall and update your wardrobe with non-traditional autumn colors. Carolina Herrera's pre-fall collection at
Think outside the crayon box this fall and update your wardrobe with non-traditional autumn colors. Carolina Herrera's pre-fall collection at

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