Spring Showstoppers

By Sharon Mosley

March 29, 2016 5 min read

If you have to just pick one item this spring to add to your wardrobe, make sure it is a real showstopper. "Every outfit needs one showbiz item," says Alyson Walsh, fashion blogger and author of "Style Forever: The Grown-Up Guide to Looking Fabulous" "...A standout piece to perk things up. Something that you'll want to wear until it falls apart," adds Walsh. "Think maximum impact, minimum effort."

So what will play a starring role in this season's fashion line-up? Here are 10 "showbiz" pieces to think about adding to your wardrobe this spring:

—Power Prints. From abstract batiks to tropical florals, the bigger and bolder the prints are this spring and summer, the better. Wear prints from top to bottom for maximum effect in a romantic dress or combine two prints in a top and pants.

—Maxi Dresses. These are long on style and make a major fashion statement whether you wear them on the beach or to the office. In flowing knits and colorful prints, the maxi dress is the perfect transition statement piece for spring into summer, easy to add or take away layers for even more versatility.

—Shiny Tops. A showbiz star for sure. The shimmery top or jacket is taking center stage this spring ...from iridescent gauze tops to metallic leather jackets. Silver and black make a big combo for spring. Wear these pieces day and night. Don't just save them for special occasions.

—Wide leg Pants. These have movie-star glamour appeal. In soft knits, these pants go with the flow of warmer days and nights. In cropped versions, they give every outfit a fresh spin on spring. For evening, there's nothing more chic than a pair of long palazzo pants. Top them off with a breezy cropped bomber jacket.

—Bare Shoulder Tops. Time to show off those sun-kissed shoulders. It's easy with the new prairie-style peasant blouses reminiscent of the '70s. Team them with pleated skirts or wide-leg pants. Balance the fuller silhouette by wearing chunkier block-heeled sandals.

—Arts and Craft Handbags. We all know how much a new handbag can instantly update wardrobe basics. This spring, you can put away the heavy black leather totes and get a little artsy. It's all about embellishment — more is more in 3-D details from glistening mirror hardware to graphic decoupage designs. Choose unique prints and colors and make a real bohemian statement with your handbag.

—Choker Necklaces. Put the turtlenecks away and pull out the jewelry box. The choker necklace has made a comeback in Victorian-inspired beads and jeweled collars — again, the bigger, the better. Show-stopping chokers are great complements for off-the-shoulder tops.

—Shoulder-grazing Earrings. It's no wonder that long sculptured earrings are dangling from the most stylish ears this spring. They're also perfect accessories for bare shoulders. And if you really want to make a showbiz statement, try wearing only one standout earring.

—Rainbow-colored Shoes. A pair of new shoes can transport you into a whole new realm of style ... even over the rainbow. You'll find the candy-colored rainbow striped shoes in everything from platforms to sneakers this spring.

—Movie star Sunglasses. Sunglasses have long been a cool classic with jet-set appeal. You can't go wrong with a pair of Aviators for instant style. But if you really want to give yourself the star treatment, check out the new collection of sunglasses at La Perla inspired by 1950s movie stars. Then channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and look at the world in a whole new way.

 Make a statement this spring in sunglasses inspired by 1950s movie stars. www.laperla.com.
Make a statement this spring in sunglasses inspired by 1950s movie stars. www.laperla.com.

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