Beauty and the Beat

By Sharon Mosley

February 28, 2017 4 min read

Wake up those weary winter wardrobes. Spring is right around the corner and it's time to refresh, restart and recharge your beauty routine. Go big and go bold with glittery eyes, orange lips, rosy hair and graphic nails. Here are five fast ways to wake up to make up in 2017.

—Wake up and shine. Get ready to put your party face on all day long. Shimmer and shine has taken over the runways and chances are you'll see it staring back at you in your own mirror. Yes, there are lots of not-so-subtle Lady Gaga glitter eyes out there (just press little flecks of glitter into your lip gloss and you get the "no kissing tonight" picture) but you can take it down a notch or two or three. There are plenty of luminizing beauty products that will give you a barely-there metallic sunny glow. Reflective golds and silvers are the usual suspects, but bronzed sun-kissed shimmers are springing up just in time for sunny days ahead.

—Wake up to color. The nude palette has been our go-to beauty routine for the past few years, but now there is a new way to brighten up the pale no-color makeup trend. Think blue eyeshadows, orangey lipsticks and pink, pink, pink. From vibrant neon rainbows to psychedelic holograph effects, there's a wave of color crashing into the spring season. And unless you're performing in a stage show, remember, a little goes a long way. Pink eyes, pink hair and pink lips may just make you look like you need to check into the nearest ER.

—Wake up to bed-head hair. This one is almost too good to be true, but yes, messy hair is trending big time this year. It's tousled, it's teased, it's loose and it's easy. Swept to the side in breezy braids or textured chin-length bobs or long twisted ringlets and curls, hair styles have come undone. Another way to refresh your hair this spring is to add some color. Rose gold shades are big, but colored highlights in blue, red, pink or layered ombre effects are ways to have fun expressing your inner diva — especially at prom or party time. And if you're a little skittish about taking the color plunge, consider popping a colorful braid or two into your everyday do.

—Wake up to nail art. Rihanna and Adele may be nailing it with long dagger nails, but for most of us, embellished nails are the way to go, especially if you don't have a manicurist on constant call. Spring is the perfect time to book a mani/pedi and break out of the dark, vampy polishes. Paint the town in sea greens, sky blues, tangy oranges and petal pinks. Graphic nail art can be an easy DIY project if you have the patience. Cosmetic companies make it easy with on-line tutorials and mix and match color collections. Watery iridescent effects and two-tone color designs are perfect places to start. Leave more complicated nail art to the pros at your favorite salon.

—Wake up your skin. A new lipstick or a new eye shadow may be more exciting, but revving up your skincare routine may be much more important in the long run. As a new season rolls around, reevaluate how you treat your skin every day and night. Are the products you're currently using really working? We all know by now that regularly using sun protection is a must (SPF over 30 is recommended), but this spring think about treating your skin to a refresher course by incorporating a soothing eye mask or invigorating facial peel into your weekly routine. And if you really want to get off to a fresh start this spring, schedule an appointment with a skincare professional or makeup stylist for personalized tips and trends, a great way to wake up to a new season.

(SET CAPTION) Lips lick up the color this spring in blues, purples, orange and pink. ( (END CAPTION)

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