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By Sharon Mosley

February 16, 2016 4 min read

It may be too chilly to wear a new pair of sandals, but you can always get a taste of spring by sampling some yummy arm candy. The newest handbag trends this year are a delicious treat for your wardrobe.

Here are some of the newest looks on the menu to order up for spring:

—The colorful handbag. There's something for everyone this spring when it comes to color. Trade in your boring black bags with a vivid bright hue or a mouthwatering candy-colored pastel. You may want to try both. (

—The graphic print handbag. If you really want to dive into a fresh trend, then this one's for you. In bold florals or colorful stripes, this handbag will make your spring outfits really pop. In fact, this may be the only new accessory you will need to buy. Check out some of the best examples at Prada. (

—The small cross-body bag. This popular style is probably one of the most versatile purses you can have in your handbag wardrobe. However, this spring, you can really lighten your load with an even smaller version. New shapes like the round canteen or multi-pocket camera bag with chain straps are having a big impact. Give your back a break and stash your phone, keys and lipstick in one small bag. The long straps free up your hands, too. Coach has some of the best cross-body bags. (

—The silver metallic handbag. Silver is one of spring's favorite ways to shine. It's a neutral that goes with just about anything you might want to wear. So instead of buying a white bag, go for the glitter of a silver tote with a futuristic vibe for a new update. (Miss Albright at

—The arts and crafts handbag. Take your pick with one of these handbags embellished with decoupage, appliques, patchwork, tie-dye, beading or embroidery. Fringe is still one of the most popular details of these bohemian bags. (

—The top-handle satchel. This is your go-to-work bag. These bigger handbags do double duty as carry-alls for electronics and other essentials. With shoulder straps, they're even more valuable purses that go to the office as well as make great travel companions. (

—The drawstring bucket bags. This is another major entree on the office menu for spring. A more casual handbag than the top-handle satchel, this vintage-inspired bag is worth an investment. It will be your go-to accessory for years to come. (

—The wristlet clutch. Sometimes all you need is just a little something to carry a few essentials in or to tuck into a larger handbag. Enter the wristlet clutch/pouch. These small wallet-size purses that hang from your wrist still leave your hands free, but they can also add a dose of flair. Check out the cheeky graphics on the baguettes at Fendi. (

 The bold graphic striped handbag is one of spring's favorite accessory trends.
The bold graphic striped handbag is one of spring's favorite accessory trends.

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