Ask Stacy for 2/17/18

By Stacy Jenel Smith

February 17, 2018 3 min read

DEAR STACY: What's ahead for Milo Ventimiglia, now that Jack's death has been revealed on "This is Us"? — Wayamos

DEAR Wayamos: First, as Ventimiglia and others have made clear, Jack will be as much of a presence on the time-hopping primetime serial as ever — with the possibility of more of the character's background being revealed. Meanwhile, Ventimiglia has other irons in the fire. For one, he's set to star in the film adaptation of "The Art of Racing in the Rain," Garth Stein's best-selling novel that tells the story of a professional race car driver through the eyes of his dog. Directing will be Simon Curtis, whose credits include "Goodbye, Christopher Robin." No start date as yet.

DEAR STACY: Is Robert Conrad still alive? Is he working? I liked watching his shows in the old days. — Paula B., Cleveland, Ohio

DEAR PAULA: At 82, the former "Baa Baa Black Sheep," "Wild, Wild West" and "Hawaiian Eye" macho man continues his weekly, two-hour "PM Show with Robert Conrad" radio chat program that he has had since 2008 on the CRN Digital network. The twice-married and divorced father of eight has fought alcohol problems through the years. He survived a terrible head-on car crash in 2003, when his Jaguar crossed the center line. His blood alcohol level immediately following the incident was .22 (.08 is considered legally intoxicated in California). He was sentenced to five years probation, 100 days of electronic monitoring and 30 hours of alcohol counseling. Conrad also lost some control of his left arm and his right side was partially paralyzed. He gets around with the aid of a caregiver. The other driver was seriously injured. He died two years later and the family blamed the accident. Conrad reportedly settled out of court.

DEAR STACY: Please settle a bet. Whose voice is that in the Arby's commercials? I say none other than James Earl Jones. My daughter says not! — Rochelle R., Los Angeles, California

DEAR ROCHELLE: Daughter is correct. That resonant voice belongs to Ving Rhames.

DEAR STACY: The Progressive Insurance girl, Flo, is so energetic and cute. What other things has she done? How about a little background? — YF05

DEAR YF05: Funny lady Stephanie Courtney, a.k.a. Flo, appeared in Will Farrell's "Blades of Glory," and has done parts in other films ("For Your Consideration," "The Heartbreak Kid," etc.). Her TV credits include "Everybody Loves Raymond," "Mad Men," United States of Tara" and "House." She's also a voiceover actress. The performer ails from Stony Point, New York and is a member of L.A.'s famous The Groundlings improvisational and sketch comedy theater group. She's also married to Groundlings lighting and sound director Scott Kolanach.

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