Ask Stacy -- Week of 2/22/14

By Stacy Jenel Smith

February 22, 2014 4 min read

DEAR STACY: I was excited to hear that Barbra Streisand is doing a duets album with other stars. When will it be out? Details? — Michael M., New Port Richey, Fla.

DEAR MICHAEL: I can't give you an estimated time of arrival on the much-anticipated album, which has reportedly been in the works since 2012. There is also no definite track list as yet for the collection that's been mostly kept under wraps. What ignited all the excitement was multiple Grammy-winning producer Walter Afanasieff posting a photo of himself, Babyface and Streisand on his official website with the caption: "Co producing with Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds the new Barbra Streisand duets album. Which will feature singers and musicians like Lionel Richie, Babyface, Blake Shelton, Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Lady Gaga, Bette Midler, Andrea Bocelli, Beyonce, Billy Joel, John Mayer and many others..." The photo was taken down later, but that bell was way too big to un-ring.

DEAR STACY: Do you have any information about Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill doing another movie together? — Nancy L., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

DEAR NANCY: The "Wolf of Wall Street" Oscar nominees have announced their intention to make a film about Richard Jewell, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics security guard who was falsely accused of being part of a bombing plot. DiCaprio will produce and play Jewell's attorney, while Hill will play Jewell. The two share the same manager. "I think it's such a heartbreaking story and such an interesting story about the 24-hour news cycle: A man becoming a hero and then the world's biggest villain within 24 hours of each other — and dying before he got to see his name cleared," Hill said in an interview at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

DEAR STACY: Please help with a bit of trivia. I am trying to remember a series about a family that moved from the East Coast to Hawaii. I think Jennifer Love Hewitt played the daughter. My husband says there was no such show. — Jan E., Tacoma, Wash.

DEAR JAN: You're thinking of the 1994 ABC "The Byrds of Paradise," an hour-long drama that was shot in Hawaii. It lasted less than four months despite a really intriguing cast. Timothy Busfield played the widowed dad and Seth Green was the brother. Bruce Weitz was a psychiatrist who seemed to spend all his time on the beach, and Arlo Guthrie was also a regular.

DEAR STACY: Whatever became of Arte Johnson, so hilarious on the old "Laugh-In" show? Is he still with us? — Mark H., Springfield, Mass.

DEAR MARK: Yes, indeed. At 85, the funnyman still works. He has done a slew of audio books, including several Dave Barry collections, Gary Shteyngart's "Absurdistan" (2006) and Carl Hiaasen's "Bad Monkey." He is remembered for characters and catchphrases including his WWII German soldier saying, "Verrrrrrry interesting ... but stupid!" Johnson has a long list of other post-"Laugh-In" credits as well. They range from guesting appearances on episodic shows like "Night Court" and "The A-Team" to movies ("Cannonball Run II") to voice work in cartoons. He wed wife Gisela in 1968.

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