Walk the Talk

By Doug Mayberry

November 16, 2015 3 min read

A reader writes: "Since our first date 38 years ago, when my husband and I first took a short walk together, he took hold of my hand and did not let go. We both realized that we were experiencing something new and different. We were both happy and excited because we both felt happy and comfortable — and looking forward to more dates.

"What other site would serve as a better one to become better acquainted than regular walks. Now, as we continue walking and holding hands we are aware of other walkers looking at us, smiling, saying hello and that our holding hands reflects that we are very much in love.

"Laughingly, I tell the kids I continue to hold gram's hands because if I let go, she is likely to run off and go shopping at the mall.

"Walking and holding hands also showcases the fact that we are not alone and enjoy having a best friend. It also shows how proud we are of each other.

"Walking also helps us develop patience, get to know what we have in common, show our affection and friendship. We simply open up our schedule for time to walk!"


Q. Families differ when it comes to choosing a favorite holiday. Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving are the winners in our family. Of course as we age, our taste changes as four generations are now living together for lthe first time in history. Of course our grandchildren favor the gift giving and candy bagging holidays as their favorites.

As adults, what influences our holiday feelings the most? Is it health, finances or family? Having a positive or negative outlook play an important factor in our choices.

A. As we age, we all experience the best and worst of times.

Growing up, maturing, and reacting to what we experience are major factors that influence our decisions. The importance of family is validated. The sharing of our family member's day-to-day lives is done through computers, smart phones or other devices and sent immediately without comment. Often, the information is incorrect and trigger erroneous reactions.

Life seems to become less and less personal. Many schools have ceased teaching cursive writing and when grandparents send birthday notes, the parents of the grandchildren have to read them the letters. On the flip side, grandparents are not able to easily communicate to their families unless they are somewhat able to use computers or email.

We are thankful for our holidays because they offer us a time for reflection and understanding. The time for distraction and focus offers renewal of the importance of communication and caring for our families.

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