Exercise + Shower = Motivation

By Zig Ziglar

October 17, 2018 3 min read

My daughter, Cindy, and I periodically take long vigorous walks together that are fun and stimulating. Exercise causes the brain to flood with neurotransmitters, which results in a feeling of being "up."

After a recent walk with Cindy, I took a shower and realized an additional benefit. The water not only "cleaned me up," but "lifted me up." The shower, which is a liquid massage, was stimulating, and it physiologically energized me and sent me on my way with an extra spring in my step. Then I remembered the number of times I've come home with an energy bucket that was quite low, taken a shower, put on clean, fresh clothes and had my energy increased substantially. I was "motivated" to handle the evening much better.

While showering does not bring permanent benefits, it is temporarily a motivational factor in life. Motivation clears our thinking, increases our creativity and is mentally stimulating and emotionally uplifting. Motivation can become permanent for you and me when we make it a habit to do those things that motivate us.

The benefits are substantial. A motivated person is more productive, sometimes dramatically so, than the unmotivated person. Motivation is an energizer that makes people friendlier, happier and healthier, all of which are significant. Fortunately, there are things you can do to maintain motivation, such as listening to an inspirational message or powerful music, hearing a good sermon, reading a great book or associating with winners.

Eliminating negative or garbage input into your mind will also help to keep your thoughts positive and motivated. In short, you can choose, in most cases, to be "up" or "down." The choice you make will ultimately determine which feeling you have. See you at the top!

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