Does All That Positive-Thinking Stuff Work?

By Zig Ziglar

September 27, 2018 3 min read

James Bostick was 6 years old, had an intense dislike for school, did not like his teacher and was making poor grades. He cried at night, didn't want to go to school and complained of nightmares, and parent-teacher conferences were regular events for his mother, Laura. Every morning, James would beg, "Mama, can't I please stay home today?"

In the course of events, James' parents divorced and Laura took a class on developing the qualities of success. She realized that the missing ingredients in James' learning process were the qualities of honesty, enthusiasm, positive thinking and respect. These are the qualities that, in general, make an individual more pleasant and successful.

Laura started teaching the meaning of these skills to her son. She also cut out small "I CAN" circles and used them to reward James for improvement. She challenged him to do better in school and required him to tell her something good he had discovered about his friends every day, including something good about his teacher.

It happened slowly, but during the year James changed. His grades showed drastic improvement and moved him to the top portion of his class. He won the blue ribbon first-place in the science fair competition for his class. His mother's efforts were rewarded when the young boy who begged to stay home was singled out for his achievements and honored with the "Student of the Week" award.

The teaching process benefitted Laura, who became a trainer, teaching these qualities with her employer, Tri-City Hospital. Today she, her new husband and James live in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Laura is in charge of nursing education at JFK Medical Center. Message: Develop positive qualities, and I will see you at the top!

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