Be Cool -- Stay In School

By Zig Ziglar

July 11, 2018 3 min read

Be Cool — Stay In School

As a freshman in high school, Jason Summey had a dream of every one of his fellow students graduating with him, without a single dropout, so he launched his "Be Cool — Stay In School" program. He's written a book by that title that gives over a hundred reasons why kids should finish school. Members of his Dropout Patrol are committed to helping their fellow students stay in school. He has gained support from teachers, upperclassmen and local business people.

Jason was motivated because Erwin High School had one of the highest dropout rates in the state of North Carolina. The first year, only one freshman dropped out, and just a handful since. With results like that, other kids and schools around the country are starting similar programs. This is tremendously exciting because now the parents, teachers, students and the local business people are all involved in solving a major problem. Lack of education handicaps a young person in a demanding, fast-changing, technological society.

Jason has appeared on Robert Schuller's "Hour of Power" and has endorsements and recognition from the political and business communities and many of the local and some national TV programs. His peers around the country are writing and asking questions and saying thank you. (For further information write "Be Cool — Stay In School," P. O. Box 16648, Asheville, N.C. 28816.)

It's exciting to see the good kids getting the recognition they deserve. Today fast-food restaurants, automobile dealerships, grocery stores, styling salons, etc. are giving members of the Dropout Patrol discounts, recognition and encouragement when they trade with them. Yes, Jason Summey has something to smile about. His activities are helping countless numbers of young people to also have something to smile about — for the rest of their lives.

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