Here's an Unsung Hero

By Zig Ziglar

July 27, 2016 3 min read




Here's an Unsung Hero

My thanks to Joe Rael for the inspiring story of his father.

Filadelfio Rael was born on a poor ranch in Anton Chico, N.M., and his schooling ended with third grade. As a child, he worked for farmers and ranchers, and he sold wood he collected to help provide for his parents.

When he married, he and Mrs. Rael had six children, most of whom grew up in a lifestyle only slightly above the poverty line. Filadelfio worked hard at the local steel mill, where his earnings were just enough to get by from week to week.

In August 1969, he started cleaning yards to get a telephone. After his first day of work, he brought home $35. For several years, Filadelfio worked seven days a week to keep up his business, Rael's Trash Service, while working full-time at the CF&I Steel Corporation. Throughout all of this, Mrs. Rael was a tremendous help, and even with a limited education, she took care of the office affairs and continues to do so today.

In 1996, a major explosion at the CF&I Steel Corporation severely injured Rael, but by then he had already relinquished his trash business to his sons and was raising horses. The doctors cautioned him to stay away from horses, because the severe burns he had suffered over 50 percent of his body might become infected.

When he was finally discharged from the hospital, however, he went to his horses and mounted without any help. Today, he enjoys roping and enters in parades for the joy he receives from his horses.

Filadelfio and his family give his faith credit for what he's been able to do. I might also add that his courage, hard work and never-say-die attitude helped considerably.

Take his approach to life, and I'll see you at the top!

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