The Land of Opportunity

By Zig Ziglar

May 15, 2019 2 min read

For many years, I've been waving the flag, extolling the virtues of the opportunities America has to offer. Stories are legendary about people who start with nothing and end up being ultrasuccessful, not only financially but in the positions they occupy as independent businesspeople or corporate executives, as well as at home in their personal and family lives.

Surely one of the better success stories is that of Michael Quinlan, who at one time was a $2-an-hour mailroom clerk. Before retiring in 2002, he was the CEO of McDonald's for 23 years. In 1998, he was under the microscope when McDonald's did not made the progress it had anticipated, despite the fact that 1997 sales were over $36 billion and its net income was over $1.6 billion. There were even some who speculated that if he couldn't improve performance in a year or two, he would either retire or "get the boot," because his job was on the line.

To this, Quinlan responded that his job was always on the line, but it didn't seem to bother him because he was in the process of making changes, as all successful people must do.

Two major points: Quinlan had an inauspicious start but at age 43 was made CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation. He's a solid family man with two sons and grandchildren. He shoots bogey golf and enjoys deep-sea fishing. In short, he's a man who is able to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Message: It doesn't make any difference where you start ... It's where you go that counts. When you get there, you'll have something to smile about.

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Photo credit: NikolayFrolochkin at Pixabay

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