If He Can, You Can

By Zig Ziglar

April 25, 2018 2 min read

Eleven-year-old Kacey McCallister lives in Keizer, a suburb of Salem, Oregon. He plays basketball and is also catcher, first base and the outfield in baseball. His play has been so spectacular that a little league team in North Carolina dedicated its season to him and handicapped Boy Scouts in Georgia were inspired by him. People all over America have been inspired by Kacey, who lost both of his legs at the hip when he was run over by a truck five years ago.

Kacey does all of those things by propelling himself with his arms. He has a tremendous attitude and a determination to live as any other 11-year-old wants to live, and the nation is applauding him. CNN is sending a crew to the family's home and Extra is also planning a story. Kacey says he's more motivated than ever and "I want to show them that I really can do all this stuff."

In today's world when so many people complain about everything, here's a role model who is determined to make the most of life. Question: Where does this drive, commitment and enthusiasm for life come from? I suspect his mother and father are much of the source of his inspiration. Instead of spoiling him by catering to his whims and allowing him to feel sorry for himself, they've made the wise choice of encouraging him to believe in himself and letting him do everything he can do, while still being available to help when it is required. Yes, that's love in action — and the results are spectacular. That gives Kacey and the rest of us something to smile about.

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