Hugging at Home and Work

By Zig Ziglar

March 7, 2018 2 min read

An Associated Press article points out that hugging has become corporate policy at Health Care & Retirement Corp. in Toledo, Ohio. The company sends every employee through an 11-hour training program to make certain the hugging is appropriate, properly done and not the result of one being physically attracted to a member of the opposite sex.

Psychologist Greg Risberg conducts the seminars and points out that hugs range from sympathetic embraces to celebratory "Gee, you did a great job!" hugs.

However, he does not encourage people to find a person they find attractive and give him or her a big hug. That last observation is particularly important in light of the sometimes fine line between being supportive and sexual harassment. That line is defined by individuals' perceptions about what is taking place. And we all know how widely perceptions can vary. Never risk unnecessary misunderstandings.

Hugging is important, and one final note for the husbands who read this column: Let me assure you that your wife resents it when you ignore her all day and then give her your undivided attention when the lights go out at night. She wants a hug when all you've got on your mind is a hug.

Romance — real romance — takes place all over the house throughout the day and is not confined to the darkness of the bedroom. It has been stated that four hugs a day are required for survival and eight or 10 hugs a day are necessary if life is really going to be lived. Fifteen or more will put you in high gear.

Take the proper hugging approach to life, and I'll see you at the top!

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