Dickens Doll a Delight to Collectors

By Anne McCollam

November 2, 2018 4 min read

Q: This is a photo of an antique "Tiny Tim" doll that I have. On his jacket there is a fabric tag with the words "Tiny Tim — Madame Alexander — New York." He measures 15 inches tall and is in good condition. His black felt jacket, shoes, black and white hat and pants, silk bow tie, white socks are all the originals.

I hope you can tell me about the maker, vintage and value.

A: Your Tiny Tim doll was made by Madame Alexander. He is part of her Charles Dickens dolls series that was made from 1933 to 1944. Tiny Tim was a character in Dickens's book, "A Christmas Carol."

Beatrice Alexander Behrman was born to Russian immigrants in New York in 1895. She made her first doll, a Red Cross doll, in her kitchen. In 1923, she founded her doll factory and at one time employed over 600 people in her Harlem, New York, factory. In her lifetime, she created at least 5,000 different dolls. She produced many dolls inspired by books including "Little Women," "Alice in Wonderland," "Gone with the Wind," and "Little Orphan Annie." She also created dolls in native costumes representing all the countries of the United Nations. Her dolls have been on display in the Smithsonian, the Brooklyn Museum of Art and museums worldwide. Madame Alexander's company was sold in 1988. She died in 1990, and her son continued as president until 1994.

"Tiny Tim" dolls are rare and hard to find. Depending on condition, they can be seen selling from $850 to $2,000.

Q: I have enclosed the mark that is on the bottom of a porcelain-covered soup tureen. It measures 7 3/4 inches wide, 11 inches long and 4 1/4 inches high. It is decorated with green, yellow and blue floral designs against a white background and has gilded handles. Alongside the mark are the numbers "5069."

I would appreciate any information you can provide.

A: Martial Redon Porcelain Factory made your soup tureen sometime between 1891 and 1896. Redon founded his porcelain factory in the 1880s in Limoges, France.

They produced porcelain dinnerware, white ware and decorative objects. The numbers "5069" are design numbers. When he died in 1890, his son took over the operations. In 1902, Redon joined with Barn and Rigoni Company and continued to use the Redon marks until 1904. New owners took over and changed the name to La Porcelaine Limousine.

Your porcelain covered soup tureen was made are 1900 and might be worth $75 to $125.

 Madame Alexander created at least 5,000 dolls.
Madame Alexander created at least 5,000 dolls.
 This soup tureen was made in the 1880s in Limoges, France.
This soup tureen was made in the 1880s in Limoges, France.

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