Dogs Won't Fetch Much

By Anne McCollam

May 17, 2019 4 min read

Q: I have included this picture of a pottery dog I am curious about. It is one of a pair, and I think they are Labrador retrievers. One is black, and the other is

yellow. They have been stored away for years, and we found them when we were doing some spring-cleaning. Each is about 5 inches long and 3 inches tall, including the base. Marked on the bottom are the words: "Markay - England - True Scale Dog Collection."

We are not sure if they have any value. We have been thinking we should just take them to a pawnshop and get whatever we can for them.

A: The mark you described was used by Markay Art Studio in Staffordshire, England, in the mid-20th century. Markay Art Pottery animal figurines can be seen for sale online within the range of $15 to $25. If you sell your pair of retrievers, you can expect to receive approximately 30% to 50% of their value.

Q: This is the mark on a set of china my grandmother gave me. She said it was given to her in the 1950s. It is a service for eight and includes the serving pieces. The name "Dolly Madison" is also part of the trademark. Each dish is decorated with pink roses against a white background. The edges are scalloped and have bands of gold.

A friend who collects antiques told me she thinks there is a two-tiered serving tray and coffee pot that match my dishes. Any information you can provide about the maker, where to find matching pieces and also the insurance value of the set will be greatly appreciated.

A: Castleton China Co. made your dinnerware. The factory has been owned and operated by Shenango China in New Castle, Pennsylvania, since the early 1900s. "Dolly Madison" is the name of the pattern. President Dwight Eisenhower's wife, Mamie, purchased gold service plates for the White House State Dining Room in 1955. Castleton China Co. also created a unique china design for Eisenhower to celebrate his first birthday as president. In 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife, "Lady Bird," ordered china for the state services. Anchor Hocking purchased Shenango in 1979. They made hotel, restaurant and institutional wares. To find matching pieces for your set, check online for matching services.

Insure your dinnerware for $500 to $1,200.

 Markay Art Studio was located in Staffordshire, England.
Markay Art Studio was located in Staffordshire, England.
 "Dolly Madison" pattern dishes were made by Castleton China Co.
"Dolly Madison" pattern dishes were made by Castleton China Co.

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