Flower Frog Jumps out at Collectors

By Anne McCollam

March 2, 2018 4 min read

Q: This is a photo of a silver-plate bowl with a pierced top. It is 12 inches in diameter, 4 inches tall and in perfect condition. Marked on the bottom are the words "Wm Rogers — Hand Engraved — 6214 — Priscilla." Included with the mark are an eagle and a star. We inherited the bowl from my husband's mother, and we think it was intended to be used for floral arrangements.

Any information you can provide about its maker, vintage and value will be greatly appreciated.

A: You are correct! It is a hollowware silver-plate flower frog centerpiece. Hollowware is a term that describes silver-plated silver vessels, bowls or dishes. Flowers can be arranged in the pierced/articulated top. William Rogers Manufacturing Company was located in Hartford, Connecticut. The mark you described was used from 1938 to 1976. A myriad of companies with Rogers in the name made silver and silver plate in the 1800s and 1900s. Some were connected by family; some were not. There were mergers, family successions and independent owners. History can be convoluted and confusing. "Priscilla" is the name of the pattern, and "6214" is the design number.

Silver-plated hollowware is not in demand currently. People today are not interested in investing the time it takes to maintain silver. Nonetheless, silver-plate flower frog centerpieces have more appeal than most other hollowware pieces. Yours was made in the 1940s and would probably fetch $75 to $125 in an antiques shop.

Q: I have enclosed the mark on the bottom of a water pitcher. It stands about 9 inches with a blue-green glaze around the neck and is in mint condition. My sister-in-law gave it to me years ago, and I know nothing about its history.

Can you please provide information on its maker, vintage and value?

A: Knowles, Taylor & Knowles made your pitcher. Isaac Watts Knowles founded his firm in 1854 in East Liverpool, Ohio. Joined by his son-in-law, John N. Taylor, and his son, Homer S. Knowles, his factory was incorporated in 1870. They produced semivitreous dinnerware and hotel ware, porcelain and Lotus ware. Lotus ware was eggshell porcelain that was similar to translucent Irish Belleek. Semivitreous ware was a type of porcelain that was not fired at the same high temperature as true porcelain. The mark you provided was used from 1900 to 1914. Your water pitcher would probably be worth $50 to $75.

 History of silver companies with the name Rogers in the title can be confusing.
History of silver companies with the name Rogers in the title can be confusing.
 Knowles, Taylor & Knowles made semivitreous dinnerware.
Knowles, Taylor & Knowles made semivitreous dinnerware.

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