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Susan Estrich
20 Nov 2015
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God Bless America


With images of the carnage in Paris and the shuttering of Brussels flashing on every screen, it is hard to take to heart the president's urgings not to give in to fear. A global terror alert does not help. The front-page pictures of all the homegrown terrorists make it harder still. How could these young men have grown up among us, as Americans, and be full of such hatred that they would choose, as we are being warned, targets where they can kill as many people as possible?

I remind my students, when we talk of such things, that 99.9 percent of the Muslims in the world do not belong to ISIS or al-Qaida, that they are part of communities all over our country, living and working beside us. If violence that they also deplore is infecting their young people, then it is a curse that they have every bit as much interest in wiping out as we do. If they are not always as vocal as we on the outside would like, it may be because their fear is even greater than ours.

I know, easier said than done. If there are two security lines at the airport, and one has young men who appear to be Muslim in it and the other has a couple of white guys in suits, which line do you choose? Is it racist to want to get to your gate faster?

Of course, no one will say that Muslim-looking men are subject to enhanced scrutiny, just like no police department will ever admit that they engage in racial profiling. But if you survey your friends and neighbors about who has been stopped by police, as I do with my students every year, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that you'll find that gender matters and age matters and yes, race matters, maybe the most of all.

Every year, my white female students have the class laughing at stories of outrageous behavior that resulted, at most, in warnings. My black students, meanwhile, have stories of police officers instructing them, "Keep them at 10 and two.

Hands on the wheel." This is when they've been stopped for such offenses as a headlight supposedly being out.

It is hard to avoid stereotypes that are both unfair and accurate. Ninety-nine percent of Muslims are not terrorists, but 100 percent of the terrorists we fear are radical Islamists. It is true that we must never, as a country, cave in to the culture of fear terrorists try to create; but it is also true that, as an individual, I am glad my kids aren't studying abroad this year. One of the doctors I respect most in the world, a man who travels internationally all the time, told me yesterday that he had just cancelled a trip to Europe. I didn't say, "How dare you give in!" I probably would do the same thing, not because the risk of terrorism is so high (it's probably lower than the risk of an accident driving around Los Angeles during the same period), but because the anxiety defeats the very purpose of a vacation.

In law school, we teach our students that hard cases make bad law. Hard times, when we are afraid, do as well. If you look at the history of First Amendment law, you see the pattern clearly: When we are afraid, we arrest people for seditious speech, and we have, to our discredit, put Japanese-Americans in camps; when we feel secure, we go to great lengths to respect freedom of speech and religion and to demand equal treatment by authorities. Courts are loath to lose their legitimacy; judges are also people. Civil liberties are easily lost in times of terror, given up too quickly by the frightened majority, to the detriment of those who are wrongly feared. Look at what is happening in France.

Since 9/11, we have struggled as a nation to find a new balance between fear and freedom. We have been far from perfect in drawing those lines, and the courts, as well as political leaders, have rightly pointed that out. But the fact remains that we are safer, and have more freedom, than people anywhere in the world. "We are so grateful to live in this country," a Russian immigrant sitting at the next table tells me. So am I. Our struggle is the noble one. God bless America.

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The words "God Bless America" coming from any liberal are simply that, just words. A collection of words to be choked out at appropriate times or at times when deception is intended.

How do we know this? Because all liberals are Godless secular creatures that hate and despise America.

Russian or other immigrants from oppressed nations are indeed usually grateful for the freedoms of America but liberals naturally born here never share or feel the same gratitude. How else could a lying sack of Islamist sh*t who swore to fundamentally transform (understand destroy) America become POTUS.

Spare me your unfelt unmeant sentiment Estrich.

These days God Help America is the prayer most needed.

Comment: #1
Posted by: joseph wright
Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:59 PM
Thank you for the thoughtful article on a complex topic. I would quibble with one statement in it; that 100% of the terrorists we fear are Islamic radicals. Not so. Timothy McVeigh was not an Islamic radical when he detonated his bomb at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Nor was James Kopp when he shot and killed Dr. Barnett Slepian in his home in Amherst, New York. Nor was Eric Rudolph when he bombed women's health clinics and the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. Nor was Scott Roeder when he murdered Dr. George Tiller in his church. Nor was Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. when he gunned down three people near a Jewish Community Center and at an assisted living center in Kansas. Nor were countless other American terrorists, including the perpetrators of many school shootings. Of course many of these terrorists share a characteristic with the typical Islamic Terrorist; they have deluded themselves into believing that their hateful acts are somehow doing God's work.
Comment: #2
Posted by: Mark
Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:07 PM
Re: Mark

It would seem by your criteria for anointing someone with the label of terrorist that those committing millions of individual acts of murder on the unborn, to wit, all abortionists and their enablers are also terrorists. I would concur. But what are the abortionists driven by other than money and a perverted love of killing the most helpless. It is clear that for,the vast majority it is mixture of racism, the death cult religion of liberalism and the performance of liberalism's most sacred rite of human sacrifice to the alter of Roe v Wade.

Comment: #3
Posted by: joseph wright
Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:06 PM
Re: joseph wright
So you have something in common with the straw man Mark you have constructed. You two should have dinner sometime. But will you both agree that all of those I listed are terrorists?
Comment: #4
Posted by: Mark
Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:34 PM
Re: Mark

What is it that you liberals love to say? One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

I construct no straw men. I have you and leftist liberal progressives like you perfectly and correctly constructed. You simply do not like the ugly truth that emerges from the contortions you put yourself through to justify and support the evil of abortion, the evil of Islam and the evil this administration has deliberately visited upon America.

I will certainly agree that Slepian and Tiller were mass murderers who took delight and profit in their murdering, may they rot in hell and I will agree that Planned Parenthood is an organization that revels, delights and profits from the pain suffering and terror it inflicts on the unborn that come into contact with it and it's thoroughly evil staff.

Comment: #5
Posted by: joseph wright
Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:04 AM

Liberals and Democrats do not care about anyone - there are just two types of Liberals - Democrats:

(1) Power hungry Nazis; and
(2) Ignorant buffoons.

Some liberals/Democrats belong to both groups.

The only reason group (1) Nazis want any immigrants (illegal or not) is to get their illegal votes to gain power so they can put their boot on the necks of others - they get joy from others.

The only reason group (2) Ignorant Buffoons want or do anything is they think makes them look better than everyone else - our moral betters - LOL - you know the abortion champions that have killed over 55 million human babies.

The intersection of those two groups, Ignorant Nazi Buffoons describe the current liberal leadership and Obama is their champion.

Comment: #6
Posted by: SusansMirror
Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:07 AM
Re: joseph wright
We still disagree on abortion. No big surprise there. However, the question remains. Would I be correct in assuming from your response to my question that the men who murdered Dr. Spepian and Dr. Tiller were not, in your opinion, terrorists? If not terrorists, what word would you use to describe them and their actions?
Comment: #7
Posted by: Mark
Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:42 PM
Re Mark.
Doctor, Sepien and Doctor Tiller? You mean as in Doctor Mengele? Was Mengele a terrorist? Sepian and Tiller disgraced the title of Doctor (as do all abortionists) just as Mengele did, no difference whatsoever. All took and take delight in killing the innocent and harvesting parts for experiment.

I would describe the men who ended the reign of terror of Sepian and Tiller the "doctors of death" as killers who were no better or no worse than Sepian or Tiller.

The end result of Sepian's and Tiller's killers actions was death, which was also the daily objective and daily result of Sepian's and Tiller's work, but on a grander organized scale. Does the image of death camps come to mind or Mengele's operating theaters? Indeed Sepian and Tiller's actions were the more heinous, they between them having likely slaughtered tens ofthousands and all simply to preserve and promote the liberal religious holy rite of sacrificing the unborn at the alter or Roe v Wade. And spare me the preposterous women's health bullshit.

If you feel you need to label Sepian's and Tiller's killers terrorists ( Why ? To somehow ease the burden of your support and enabling of the the slaughter of millions of innocents?) then so too must you label Sepian and Tiller terrorists but you will not.

Liberals tying themselves in knots trying to rationalize their irrationality is always entertaining.
Comment: #8
Posted by: joseph wright
Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:35 AM
If you can't see the difference between a physician delivering a legal medical service (That you strongly object to.) and a murder with a gun seeking to change the availability of a legal medical procedure through murder and fear of being murdered rather than at the ballot box, then there is really not much point in chatting about it. If that truly reflects your beliefs, I don't find your irrationality entertaining, just sad.
My point stands. Mrs. Estrich was wrong when she said that 100% of the terrorists we fear are Muslim. No, more that a few non-Muslims have acted to uphold sick personal agendas, including, in some cases, their alleged "christian" values.
Comment: #9
Posted by: Mark
Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:51 AM
Re: Mark
Physicians delivering legal medical service. Well I guess that's one perverse way of sanitizing the pre meditated killing of 50 million plus children by scissors in the back of the head or by knife or by dismemberment in the womb.

Who could possibly think that was a barbaric act or act of terror and not see the slaughter as just the provision of a medical service? Certainly not you Mark. Just 50 million instances of the provision of lethal legal medical service and 50 million acts of no importance. Right Mark? Could the evil that is liberalism be illustrated any better?

What is abundantly clear is that you, like all liberals lack the moral fiber and teaching to know how to distinguish between the natural law of what is universally right and moral and what is universally wrong and immoral from a patent and obscene wrong that has perversely been given a thin veneer of man applied legality. And you do not even question who or what bestowed a thin veneer of supposed legality to such barbaric mass child murder?

Was it Congress? No. Was it the people by way of electoral mandate or referendum? Again No.

It was no more than an evil combination of (1) liberal activism and (2) an unsupportable construction of the Bill Of Rights and (3) law made by judicial fiat wholly independent of the will of the people and of Congress that manufactured that evil veneer. And that is why child murder on a staggering scale by way of judge sanctioned abortion has been such a contentious issue.

But what is truly sad and what is proof positive of moral bankruptcy of liberalism is that is sufficient for your ilk that Roe v Wade is said by some to be the true law of the land. Who cares if it is not right, not moral and simply heinous?

Roe v Wade expresses the liberal cult of death and therefore it is not to be questioned. Roe v Wade bestows legality on a real regime of terror that has Planned Parenthood and physicians simply delivering a legal medical service as the vanguard.

Since the thin veneer of false legality given by man is, for you, the main deciding factor as to whether an act is an act of terror and since the acts and practices of Doctor Mengele were legal in Nazi Germany (as was the murder of Jews, Catholics, Gypsies and homosexuals, as was the deportation of human beings to death camps) then according to your twisted secular reasoning such acts could never be acts of terror. After all they were then shielded with the armor of man bestowed legality. Such is the perverted liberal mindset.

And as for the barbaric allies of Obama, to wit Mullahs of Iran, and their export of death by gun, bomb and bullet and as for the savages of ISIS and their beheadings, burnings, crucifixion of children, all of which are permitted or required by the Koran and therefore legal, LSuch acts, whilst clear acts of terror, per your twisted distinguishing could not be acts of terror either because they have the thin veneer of legality by man made law in Iran and in the ISIS circles.

Unlike you Godless secular liberals, all devoid of any sense of morality, for me abortion is an abomination in the eyes of God a clear affront to natural law and should be an abomination in the eyes of any right thinking human being. But then liberals are not right thinking.

The men who ended the reign of terror of your two beloved "doctors of death" and high priests of liberalism were cold blooded criminal killers driven by who knows what, but nevertheless were no better or no worse than your abortionist killers who practiced nothing short of cold blooded mass infanticide dressed up as legal medical service.

If the killers of the two mass murderer physicians are to be labelled terrorist then so too must the sadly (not really) departed doctors of death.

I have no fear that there are hordes of Christian terrorists lurking round every corner but I do fear the Islamist in the Whitehouse and the terror he is deliberately enabling, encouraging and inviting.
Comment: #10
Posted by: joseph wright
Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:52 PM
If you were a police officer in Colorado Springs, you just might fear christian terrorists.
Comment: #11
Posted by: Mark
Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:04 PM
Ms. Saunders,
As I read about the unfolding details of the terrorist attack in Colorado Springs, I find my self wondering how much this obviously sick individual was radicalized by the sort of extreme inflammatory speech about abortion that has become all too common in right wing web sites and even in forums such as this.
Comment: #12
Posted by: Mark
Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:38 AM
Re: Mark
Firstly my sympathies to the family of the police officer killed by a criminal homicidal nutcase.

I notice that In two posts you managed to forget or avoid such sentiment.

The slain police officer by first accounts was a devout Christian who gave all for others. That Mark, is Christian values and teaching in action. But what would you know about such teaching and faith.

If I were a police officer anywhere in the US, I would be much more fearful of (1) the rhetoric coming from the Whitehouse and the Dept of Justice about police and policing, about (2) the Black LIves Matter ( but seemingly not to blacks) "terrorists" and cop killers about (3) the hordes of criminal murdering raping looting illegal immigrants and about (4) the tens of thousands of Syrians and God knows how many non fictional ISIS terrorists amongst them being thrust upon us by the Islamist in Chief than worry about the fiction of a Christian terrorist.

Christian terrorists are like unicorns. A fable created by the secular left in its efforts relativize.
Anyone who is truly Christian in his beliefs would not consider committing any sort of terrorist action or of plotting or carrying out murder. Such actions run wholly against true Christian teaching faith and belief. You and those like you have no understanding about what it is to live as a Christian.

Rather what you and your loathsome ilk ( including this Administration) do is to label any white or non-Muslim nutcase or perpetrator a "Christian terrorist" in feeble attempt to relativize Islamic terror or to relativize the slaughter of millions by so called "health" providers or to marginalize and defame Christians or for whatever is politic to you at any particular time.

Ever have the same thoughts about a real and proven terrorist organization, to wit, the Black Lives Matter cabal and the speech coming from your President. Guess not.
Comment: #13
Posted by: joseph wright
Sun Nov 29, 2015 7:06 AM
Firstly, in the event that they are reading this, my sympathies to those injured in this terrorist attack and their families, and to the families of those killed.
I notice that in your sanctimonious post about how I "managed to forget or avoid such sentiment" you only mention the family of the officer. Is this because you feel nothing for those with whom might politically disagree? Or perhaps might not share your specific religious beliefs? And you babble about how I have no understanding about what it is to live as a Christian.
Since you are potentially one of those who helped radicalize this man and his ilk and continue help radicalize them (see post above), I understand your need to lash out at those who might point out such inconvenient truths. Yes, you are part of the problem.
You claim that "Anyone who is truly Christian in his beliefs would not consider committing any sort of terrorist action or of plotting or carrying out murder." More simply put, "Christians who do things I disapprove of are not REAL Christians, so don't call them Christians. They are the wrong sort of bible thumpers". How convenient. And yet these terrorists frequently profess to be Christians. A man who tries to kill workers because they provide a service he finds morally wrong and he hopes to stop the service through violence or threat of violence is a terrorist. If he claims to do this in the name of his Christian faith, he is reasonably labeled a christian terrorist. Inconvenient to your simplistic internal narrative about religion, but facts can be like that.
Comment: #14
Posted by: Mark
Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:41 AM
Re: Mark
As I have said and as your post conclusively demonstrates you know a lot but understand absolutely nothing about Christianity and demonstrates that the lot you think you know about Christianity is entirely wrong. No surprise there.
Professing to be something and actually being that something are two very different things. You cannot figure that one out yet? LOL!!!!

Let's take a few quick examples to help you.

!. Hillary professes to be competent and truthful. Hardly or ever on both counts.

2. You profess to have some reverence for human life but your thoughts and your deeds wholly belie that professing as you will happily and without conscience condone and support the slaughter of millions and the harvesting of their infant body parts for profit. You put no value on human life unless or until it is politically expedient or firs in with the false narrative of Christian terrorism.

3 Your master Obama professes to be Christian but his comments his actions and his stated beliefs put the lie to that professing.

4 Muslims profess to be adherents to a religion of peace. Now that one really is Bullshit.

No Mark my comments are not a lashing out at all, but are in fact the real inconvenient politically incorrect truth and nothing but the truth.

And no Mark, I am not the problem nor am I any any part of it. The problem is (1) the evil of liberalism insistence upon abortion on demand without restriction or limit (2) the continuing murder of millions of children at the hands of the doctors of death and the harvesters of baby parts (3) the ghouls and the Burke and Hares of Planned Parenthood and (4) the totalitarian death cult of liberalism. It is those issue sand their absolute violation of the natural laws that radicalize the insane not Christianity.

You argue forcefully that "A man who tries to kill workers because they provide a service he finds morally wrong and he hopes to stop the service through violence or threat of violence is a terrorist. If he claims to do this in the name of his Christian faith, he is reasonably labeled a christian terrorist" Seems that your master, the Islamist in the oval office thinks otherwise. Seems that the Department of Justice thinks otherwise. Seems that liberals in general think otherwise, Unless that is, the perpetrator is a white non Muslim who may be labelled a Christian terrorist. Witness the Fort Hood massacre for example. Work place violence is what Obama, DOJ, the media and liberals will continue to label it.

Label "the man" you refer to as you choose. Labelling and fact are not the same. Still as I have alluded to above that concept is too difficult for you,especially when it gets in the way of the false liberal narrative.

And one last time, it is a truth that professing to be something and being that something is entirely different. I is a truth that labelling a person or an action in a particular way simply to suit a narrative and that person or that something being actually as labelled are two different things.

But truths can be like that.

Still one cannot expect you to understand, liberals in general being strangers to truth. Never let the truth get in the way of a false liberal political narrative, right Mark?
Comment: #15
Posted by: joseph wright
Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:40 AM
Funny, still not a word of sympathy from the alleged christian Joseph for the other victims of the terror attack in Colorado Springs. Afraid you might upset your Master Donald Trump? Only sympathy for documented Christians? (The faith of the wounded officers was not, I believe, mentioned in the news coverage. Is being a police officer wounded responding to a shooting is not enough for you to express sympathy?)
As you deny your clear involvement, you double down on the inflammatory speech. No, you are not an abortion provider, but you clearly happily participate in the radicalization of the nut-cases with your rhetoric. You own that bit of helping to prep the next nut-case with a gun and a bible, but apparently lack the courage to admit it, possibly even to yourself.
Comment: #16
Posted by: Mark
Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:35 PM
Re: Mark



Re Mark


I profess and claim that I am a pro life progressive socialist who loves America and who also believes that fundamental rights come from God not man, in a constitutional republic, in the sanctity of human life, that we are a nation of laws, that the powers of the Federal Government are limited and expressly enumerated in the Constitution, that there are three equal branches of government, in capitalism, in free markets, in equal opportunity not equal outcome and who has no time for the identity politics and the actual tyranny of liberalism against which I will fight.

Oh guess what even though I label myself so, I cannot be so because there is no such being. I have professed to being a fiction, I have professed to being a non existent figment of my twisted imagination.

Get the point?

Comment: #17
Posted by: joseph wright
Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:35 PM
The point I get is that you don't really understand my point of view on most things and that you spend considerable effort creating odd models of me so that you can then show how the models are flawed.
Please consider, in the wake of this tragedy and in keeping with the request of the Governor of Colorado, dropping the tone of the anti-abortion rhetoric a few notches. It is quite clear that you believe that most, if not all, abortions are the taking of a fully human life with little, if any, gray areas at the margins. I get that. It is possible to express this position without the inflammatory language to feed the nut cases' twisted ideas on action. If I agreed with your beliefs on the subject, I might come to similar conclusions. I, however, as we have previously discussed in detail, fundamentally disagree with you on the primary point of when life begins. The inflammatory rhetoric does nothing to shed light on the subject.
Comment: #18
Posted by: Mark
Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:05 PM
Dear Ms. Estrich,

Just where did you get your 99.9% of Muslims don't belong to either ISIS or Al Qaida? How many are sympathizers?
How many so-called 'prominent Muslims' are speaking out against these terrorists?

Nuff Said...Dennis
Comment: #19
Posted by: Dennis
Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:16 AM
Re: Mark

No !

I will not lie or closet the truth for you or for anyone. Truth is the truth. Ugly or not. There are no grey areas in that.
You describe and model yourself in your posts. I simply reveal what you model.

It is because the truth is ugly that terms like "procedure" or "choice " or "women's health" or "grey areas" are used by the pro homicide pro harvesting left to cloak the evil of abortion.

Abortion is homicide, period. Abortionists are guilty of a form of premeditated homicide that has been given a false veneer of legality by liberal activism. Period. Planned Parenthood trades in infant body parts and to obtain those parts engineers (often unknown to the "mother") the methods of crushing the unfortunate donor infant and of abstracting what it has agreed to provide to third parties. Period.

Truth and nothing but ugly truth and I shall continue to repeat it.

Life in some form or other begins at conception. Ending that life is homicide.

I care not what you believe or what you argue and will have no part in whitewashing a heinous practice to salve your sensibilities or for any other reason.
Comment: #20
Posted by: joseph wright
Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:00 PM
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