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The Saints Are Marching This week, The Answer Man looks at the New Orleans Saints football team. 1. What two teams did the Saints defeat in the playoffs to advance to play the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV? 2. In Super Bowl XLIV, how many more completions did Drew Brees record …Read more. This Week the Answer Man looks at America's First Ladies 1. This first lady celebrated her 50th birthday this year. Name her. 2. This first lady had the nickname "Lemonade Lucy," because she refused to serve liquor or wine in the White House. Who was she? 3. This first lady is credited with saving Gilbert …Read more. This Week the Answer Man Looks at Ocean Life 1. Scuba divers may come across an elver while on a dive. What is an elver? 2. What does it mean when you hear that a whale has breached? 3. TRUE or FALSE: All ocean waters have fish that inhabit them. 4. Name the largest non-mammal species found in …Read more. This Week the Answer Man Looks at Neighbors to the North, Canada 1. Canada uses six primary time zones. Name all six. 2. In April 2013, the U.S. State Department issued a presidential permit for the construction of a new bridge linking Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, in Canada. What is the significance of this site?…Read more.
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Old-Time Religion


This week, The Answer Man looks at religions around the world.

1. Who was the first Roman emperor to become a Christian, and in what year was his acceptance?

2. Born Siddhartha Gautama, a royal prince, this sixth-century B.C. prophet achieved enlightenment and became the name to which he is currently referred.

3. Who is the monk who serves as the leader of Tibetan Buddhism? The current one was born in Tibet in 1935.

4. Founded in 16th-century India, Sikhism is directed by men called gurus, who wear elaborate headdresses.

For what purpose do they wrap their hair?

5. The same archangel who delivered the good news of the Immaculate Conception to Mary also revealed God's words to an illiterate shepherd named Muhammad. Who was it?


1. Constantine, in A.D. 312.

2. The Buddha.

3. The dalai lama.

4. To hold up an immense hair bun, as men are not permitted to cut their hair throughout their life.

5. Gabriel.

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