Church as Connection

By Susan Deitz

December 13, 2017 3 min read

You can commune with God-as-you-perceive-him while you're out walking or riding in a car — anytime the need surfaces. Out of that fundamental craving for connection comes a deeper hunger to go beyond known boundaries and reach a level higher than human.

That hunger, which I call churchness, draws some people toward one another, and their common pursuit forms a linkage like none other. That is why I suggest you go to your house of worship soon to discover those who find their churchness together. I am hoping that visit will be the beginning of a new connection in your life.

I'd like to suggest making your first churchness experience be a service followed by a reception; that could make it easier for you to introduce yourself as a newcomer and mingle as such. And consider meeting with the spiritual leader beforehand so he or she is prepared to make introductions for you.

Even if formal worship sounds corny to you, go once — for my sake; you know by now I wouldn't steer you wrong. Only in a society such as ours, which worships "coolness," could the benefits of spiritual seeking earn such little interest and respect. So please reconsider your initial coolness and give churchness a try on an evening when you're at loose ends.

Your flexibility could lead you to some very nice people and positive thinking. Actually, churchness could become the crown jewel in your connection collection, the one you can rely on to bring out the very best in yourself every time. In fact, it could very well become the ultimate connection between you and yourself, between you and your God, for all the seasons of your life.

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